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  1. Thanks to everyone that offered assistance. I finally got the brakes back together and went and messed with the T/A, IT WORKS! Getting mean with it did the trick, it took a couple of seconds but it kicked into high and it holds back coming down hill(that is providing it doesn't pop out of one of the other gears, hi/lo, 1-4). Anyone have any advice on setting the linkages? It tends to stay in drive when I put it in park unless I don't push the lever all the way down to park. I hate having to take the seat out and flip the base up which jams into the space under the floor plate. I'm going to tak
  2. One thing though. Am I supposed to disengage clutch to shift T/A?
  3. Finally got a chance to look at it. The dump valve is operating with the clutch. When clutch pedal isn't pressed linkage to dump valve has no tension but isn't sloppy. T/A lever is moving with complete motion of lever on console. I've just got to try slapping it in hard once I get the brakes back together.
  4. Steering is fine. Clutch works but is sluggish engaging in higher gears, brakes work but take a second to engage also. Where is the dump valve. I found the mcv on the Boehm farm video.
  5. I have a 3588 that when going down hill holds back for a little bit but then seems to get to free wheeling. I've read some posts on here that make me believe that it may be related to the T/A. Something about an mvs or mcs or something like that. The T/A only works in low. Can anyone shed a little light? Thanks!
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