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  1. Trying to refresh this topic.. not having much luck with any extra info
  2. I ran across an really nice ford 2 bottom plow with the trip built into the mole boards.. $220 so I bought them
  3. It’s in really good shape!! It would most definitely be good candidate for restoration
  4. Is there a recommendation for a fuel injection cleaner to run through the fuel system? No issues but it can’t hurt can it. thanks
  5. I talked to a guy earlier on the phone.. I gather from what he said only fenders from a 504 an a 2504 only will work.. There are not many 504 tractors around my area. Is anyone tried flat fenders from a Hi crop on a Utility?
  6. Hey guys!! I was wondering if anyone has tried to put flat fenders on a 504 utility if so show me some pics please.. If not are most of the flat fenders the same or what model tractor do I need to look for in order for fenders to work? Thanks
  7. Thanks was there any difference in the row crop vs the utility in reference to motor an gearing
  8. Do they make 3-12’s? If so who all made them an how exactly is the easiest or best way to measure
  9. Thanks.. An no I don’t wanna break the tractor down.. I have about 4-6 acres that I wI’ll be plowing for deer food plots an a garden. So 2-14 or 16’s an 8ft wheel disc should cover my needs
  10. I just bought a IH 504 Utility diesel I was wanting to know what bottom plow y’all pull? Tires has fluid. 2 or can they pull a 3 bottom Thanks
  11. I just bought a IH 504 Utility diesel I was wanting to know what bottom plow y’all pull? Tires has fluid
  12. I held glow plug for about 20-25 seconds earlier when I took my boys for a ride an the motor didn’t turn 2 times before it fired up. thanks
  13. Thanks for the helpful advice. I have always been use to bigger diesel tractor’ IH 656,706,826, An John 4030 an a Allis 190XT all these started really easy except the Allis 190XT it took Ether every crank..
  14. The main pump looks somewhat new, so I shouldn’t have a concern that the main pump needs rebuilt? Being that it’s hard to start.
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