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  1. I’m looking for a tractor to run again my dads styled G running at about 110 horse….. I have an M and tires for it and weight brackets and stuff but i want to know how to get an M up to 105-115 horsepower range just wondered what other people Ms are running
  2. I was just wanting what other people have done to get there
  3. I tuned my 1066 last year to pull and put big injectors, cranked up the fuel, 3lm turbo, upgraded all trans and TA. But this year they put up the speed limit to 12 mph and I’m done messing around. I’m going to build it through the roof looking for around 600 or 700 hp. I’m not looking to lose and making sure their isn’t a tractor that will beat it. So if 700hp isn’t enough I’ll go 1000. It’s an endless bank account so I’m open for whatever
  4. A late styled A and a unstyled A are two totally different tractors.... I worked on John Deere for 40 years I know what they are and how to work on them. I just want to know about an H
  5. I can do whatever I want to it there is no rules in the class, and a M is close to a John Deere G an H is close to an A
  6. I got an H and looking for around 55 or 60 horse. I’m pulling against a 1937 John Deere A that’s around 45 horse and I want to not come in second place how do I do it. The tractor isn’t used for farm work
  7. Where are those weights and how much cuz I need a good bit of IH suitcase weights
  8. I was wanting to know, other than block size I know one has a 436 or 466 and one has a 414 but other than that is there any difference between the two. I’m looking to buy a tractor for local pulling no farming, what is the best out of those 2
  9. And just an FYI he said The Rooster was sent to a car crusher because the guy blew it up and didn’t want to rebuild it and it got turned into a solid metal cube
  10. If I can get a 4020 to 160 horse I can get an 806 there I’m pretty sure and yes it got a tad expensive
  11. I just want something around 150 horse and would want to know how to get their
  12. Yeah 500 hundred ain’t going to go anywhere, 5000 dollars
  13. I just got an 806 that I will be taking to the local tractor pull. I want to increase power as much as possible for around 500 dollars and it needs to be reliable. The tractor does not do farm work and only pulls what do I do
  14. Thanks guys I live in Kingston, Ohio Above Chillicothe and drove up to South Charleston, Ohio and asked someone where he lives and went to his house and met him and we talked for a couple of hours. He’s nice and we both shared stories from the old days. He’s the same as he always was
  15. Or kind of wanted to know a location or where he might be found
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