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  1. Thanks guys I live in Kingston, Ohio Above Chillicothe and drove up to South Charleston, Ohio and asked someone where he lives and went to his house and met him and we talked for a couple of hours. He’s nice and we both shared stories from the old days. He’s the same as he always was
  2. Or kind of wanted to know a location or where he might be found
  3. Does anyone know where Danny Dean that used to pull the 1066 called the Rooster is His brother pulled a D-21 and The rooster was probably the baddest 1066 ever built my dad said and my dad carried weights for him when he was a teenager and wants to know whatever happened to him. Thank you
  4. I had to get a new grille for my 72 1066 and I had to get plastic because I couldn’t be find a metal one and it looked wonderful you would never tell unless you were standing a foot away from it
  5. Ok thanks I have looked on about every site on google about 1066’s about power. The pull was talking about bumping speed limit up to 10 mph what would be best to change then if other people started changing stuff to get way more power because they changed the speed limit I’m guessing they would go to prob 350 or 425 being most, I just wasn’t sure after turbo and fuel what else to do. In My small town we farm mostly and aren’t into crazy horsepower so we aren’t really familiar
  6. I have a 1066 do not use it for farming only local tractor pulls and was looking for about 250 to 260 horse what would be best, there is no horsepower limit just a speed limit of 5 mph . I was going to turn pump all the way up and bigger turbo what else would I may need to look at
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