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  1. Thanks for the responses. I will take the plugs out, pump in my oil, and put the plugs back in. Steve
  2. My recently purchased TD9 was located at a sawmill. At the back of the property is sitting an International gas start diesel powerplant. I assume that it once powered the sawmill. No one knows anything about it. I think they would like to see it leave the property. It is a six cylinder with a Bosch fuel pump. It appears to be complete. It is located near Tunkhannock PA. If anyone has interest, I can find out more.
  3. Being a new owner of a TD9, I am trying to get everything lubricated properly before I further my education. I have a grease bucket and have lubricated the button head fittings on the front idlers and the top idlers. I am not sure what I need to do with the bottom rollers. I expected to find button head fittings there, but there are none. all 8 rollers have what looks like an Allen head plug where the button head should be. Do I need to take the plugs out and put button heads in?
  4. Hello. I thought it time to introduce myself and show you my “new” 1951 International TD9. I have been keeping an eye out for an older dozer for some time, with no pressing need to buy one, and not much of a budget to work with. I recently learned of a one owner TD9 that might be for sale. The original owner just passed away earlier this year in his nineties, and his son accepted my offer. I finally got the machine to my property and had a little time to get acquainted with it . It starts and runs good, and all three clutches seem to work like they should. The brakes work, and other than popping out of high reverse, it works well. The previous owner was a stickler for good maintenance, and it shows. They even gave me a grease bucket pump for the button head fittings and another one for the gear oil in the transmission. Also included were the owner’s manuals for the TD9, the Bullgrader, a TD9 parts book, and some big wrenches. I have a service manual on order. I realize that the tracks are about worn out and too tight, but the pins have been turned, and I hope that I can get a few hours out of them. I only need a couple of hours of work from this machine right now. It might be a while before I have a chance to run it much at all. I have been reading through about 300+ pages of old posts here, (anything that related to TD9, and a lot of other stuff too) and I have to thank you all for taking the time to share your wisdom and experience . It makes it a lot easier to become the caretaker of a 69 year old relic when you know that there are others who are willing to help keep it going. I will have some questions. Steve
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