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  1. Thanks for the responses. I will take the plugs out, pump in my oil, and put the plugs back in. Steve
  2. My recently purchased TD9 was located at a sawmill. At the back of the property is sitting an International gas start diesel powerplant. I assume that it once powered the sawmill. No one knows anything about it. I think they would like to see it leave the property. It is a six cylinder with a Bosch fuel pump. It appears to be complete. It is located near Tunkhannock PA. If anyone has interest, I can find out more.
  3. Being a new owner of a TD9, I am trying to get everything lubricated properly before I further my education. I have a grease bucket and have lubricated the button head fittings on the front idlers and the top idlers. I am not sure what I need to do with the bottom rollers. I expected to find button head fittings there, but there are none. all 8 rollers have what looks like an Allen head plug where the button head should be. Do I need to take the plugs out and put button heads in?
  4. Hello. I thought it time to introduce myself and show you my “new” 1951 International TD9. I have been keeping an eye out for an older dozer for some time, with no pressing need to buy one, and not much of a budget to work with. I recently learned of a one owner TD9 that might be for sale. The original owner just passed away earlier this year in his nineties, and his son accepted my offer. I finally got the machine to my property and had a little time to get acquainted with it . It starts and runs good, and all three clutches seem to work like they should. The brakes work, and other t
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