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  1. SImply put, machines that are capable of thinking and learning on their own. (self driving cars, autonomous farm equipment, etc.) It's not the technology but the possible uses that could run afoul of forum rules.
  2. Hey, the M will pull that easily....from one side of the lot to the other. πŸ˜‚
  3. My first day on the job working residential construction when I was in high school my boss bet me that no matter how many studs I could carry, he could carry one more. Being the green, wet behind the ears kid that I was, I had one of the guys pile them on my arms until I couldn't take anymore then proceeded to stagger to the construction floor. That's when I looked back and saw my boss grinning ear to ear carrying his one more stud in his hand. Never did live that one down.
  4. I would highly recommend it. I'm slightly immunocomprimized (spleen removed due to an accident years ago) and the minute I told my doctor it felt like I was starting to get what felt like pneumonia he set me up for one the next day. It really kicked the immune system into overdrive, the first 24 hours after it were terrible. Fever, chills, headache, but after that I felt so much better. Mine was a BAM infusion, if that makes a difference.
  5. Prayers for your family and condolences for the loss of your brother in law.
  6. Prayers sent. Went through it in March, not fun but with proper care you should be fine.
  7. The old girl looks a lot like dad's NAA, especially that Golden Jubilee badge. Last time I checked our local New Holland dealer could still get a surprising number of parts for the N series Fords.
  8. I'm another person who has never pulled competitively so this may or may not apply. What gear were you pulling in? I was taught, and have found that it actually helps, to go up at least one gear in low traction situations. You reduce the amount of torque being applied to the rear wheels which lessens the chance of wheel spin, but are transmitting the same amount of power.
  9. Less front tire wear for sure. Just steer with the brakes. πŸ˜‚
  10. I commend you for your concern for your young ones. I grew up in an entirely different generation where dad wore his "kid proofing equipment" around his waist. That wass usually enough of a deterent for me.
  11. Yeah, cause we all know that everything that's posted online is true. πŸ™„πŸ˜πŸ€£
  12. Seeing the $50 and $100 comments made me chuckle a bit. Wasn't too long ago they froze your card until the payment cleared. Found that out the hard way once. 😠
  13. Drive on a parkway, park in the driveway. Send something by boat and its called cargo, send it by truck and its a shipment.
  14. Didn't Richard Rawlings try to hire you a few seasons ago? 😲
  15. Oh, that kind of compass. For a moment there I thought you'd lost your way and gone Jeep shopping. 😁
  16. Well, ok then. I guess 30 isn't the highway I remember it being anymore. Looks like I'll just cross trip planner off the list of possible post retirement pursuits. 😞🀣
  17. Depends on what you're hauling and how fast you want to go. About halfway through Indiana, 24 goes from 4 lane divided back to the old 2 lane, snake through every town along the way US highway. Not bad really, but plan accordingly. You might want to consider US30 too.
  18. Sometimes people do things just to see what will happen. To steal a line from Robin Williams, "Pop goes the weasel"
  19. So, I guess you'd find a .458 Win Mag a bit excessive for groundhog hunting too. πŸ˜‰
  20. Just remember, Olds tried the same thing with the Cutlass brand name. Cutlass this, Cutlass that, Cutlass some other thing. And we all know how that worked out for them. 😑
  21. Anyone else find it ironic that Frank is the one without the beard?
  22. I kid you not, a friend of mine had a girlfriend who was in to cattle prods and shock collars. It takes all kinds I guess.
  23. Ah, for the good old days when you could just drop the end of the hose on the anhydrous ammonia tank in the burrow and crack the valve.
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