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  1. With the relatively easy availability of wraps you'd think they'd be all over the place. Time to sell or trade? Just peel and send it down the road.
  2. BoilerRed


    Ironic because that's what they should excel at.
  3. I agree, not going to claim they are the best tires out there. But they are a good value tire. If cost was no object I'd probably go with Michelin or Goodrich. Used to be a huge Goodyear fan but gave up on them 20 years ago or so. Two sets of car tires and one set of truck tires with poor traction and tread life at a premium price soured me.
  4. Been using a lot of Mastercrafts (Cooper's value line) on our vehicles lately. The Coursers I had on my pick up held up well and the prices are decent.
  5. Strikes were always SOOOOOO much fun. I worked in a production support (salaried, non-union) at a UAW represented plant. Dad worked production. The last strike I remember we were given orders to report to work unless threatened in some way. Dad said he'd be more than happy to tell me he'd kick my butt if I crossed the line if I ever wanted a day off.
  6. Dad replaced his 656 gasser with an 856D around in the late 70's. Workhorse of a tractor that served us well for about the next 15 years. Replaced by a 986 when it started popping out of 4th under heavy load. Only thing I didn't like about it was the Year Around echo chamber, oops, cab. I think my ears are still ringing from that.
  7. Good Lord, I hope not. 😞
  8. Helen Waite is our complaint manager. If you have a problem, go to Helen Waite for it to be resolved. 😁
  9. The look on the little guys face says it all.
  10. Sometimes you guys make me envious. Had a 1468 once, trouble was it was 1/32 scale and made of plastic. Had a good time putting it together though and it sure looked good on my dresser. 😁
  11. Don't know how OSU runs their program, but our youngest marched with the Indiana State band for a year until he realized that the cost of the degree he was pursuing wasn't justified by his potential earnings. He had to report to campus 2 or 3 weeks before the general population for band camp. They did 2 a day practices the whole time. Lots and lots of work in one of those shows.
  12. Couldn't agree more. One of my cousins is a Viet Nam vet and serves as an EMT with a local volunteer fire department. He's seen a lot of terrible things in his life. The only calls that have haunted him are the ones involving children. One in particular still gives him nightmares.
  13. SImply put, machines that are capable of thinking and learning on their own. (self driving cars, autonomous farm equipment, etc.) It's not the technology but the possible uses that could run afoul of forum rules.
  14. Hey, the M will pull that easily....from one side of the lot to the other. πŸ˜‚
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