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  1. The Blue Ridge Parkway through the Appalachian Mountains is, or at least was, one of the most scenic trips I've ever taken. Hopefully it hasn't become an over commercialized tourist trap in the 45 odd years since that family vacation.
  2. Both were, shall we say, interesting choices for the role.
  3. Nor did he need to be. His material was actually funny and often inciteful. Seems like he originally dropped the f-bomb for shock value or emphasis, in my opinion overused it late in his career.
  4. While I wholeheartedly agree with what they are doing, with the current climate I'd tread very lightly, especially if they have any Federally backed financing. Not long ago there was talk of land "redistribution" to minority farmers. That land would need to come from somewhere and it wouldn't surprise me in the least to see foreclosure used as a means to obtain it.
  5. My kids watched Shining Time Station (you know, Thomas the Tank Engine) when Carlin played Mister Conductor. My thumb constantly hovered over the mute button on the remote. Just in case.
  6. Sorry to let you down, MTO. Too far north for me.
  7. Wonder how many of them don't even realize they need a second shot.
  8. Hopefully in a stand your ground state.
  9. The question is, how far away when you took the shot? I'm guessing a scatter gun wasn't challenging enough for you.
  10. If the Vanguard is a quality engine then I have no problem with it, just no experience. B&S experience is limited to their small single cylinders. Most I've had seemed to be 3-5 year throw away designs. Not what I'm looking for here.
  11. Yeah, Commands are not too difficult to get. A local small engine shop I like to deal with used to keep them on the shelf. They finally dropped them when they couldn't compete with internet prices. I am not acquainted with Repower Specialists, I'll have to check them out.
  12. Thanks for the input. While I'm no master craftsman, I have the ability to do basic fabrication, assembly, and wiring. Time and money have been my limiting factors. Now I get to show my ignorance. How can I search to find your swap thread?
  13. Poor man's squab. That'll set you back a pretty penny in a fancy restaurant.
  14. Here is what I know, or have been told, so far. Direct swaps either do not exist or are very rare ($$$$). Series I Kt-17's aren't worth the effort or expense to rebuild. At least one small engine supplier offers a repower kit that uses a B&S Vanguard twin. I'm a little leery of this due to some unfavorable experiences with B&S engines. In my mind this leaves Kohler and Honda. CCC used the Command twins in subsequent Cub Cadet model s (18XX series IIRC) so I was leaning that way BUT I am finding that most of the parts to allow a direct drop in are NLA. I have exactly
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