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  1. Here’s the suction hose, its ugly, and the strainer, the glue come loose on the ends, I was surprised at how clean the inside of the transmission was though, very little sediment and no metal or anything, I was just expecting worse I suppose.
  2. That’s it, thanks, now just to find one, could you tell me which parts book you found that in, I have the the correct operator and service manuals for the big power shift trans but no parts book, not sure which edition has the big transmission in it .
  3. Anyone have the part number for the suction screen in the Td7e early big transmission, the glue holding mine together has given up .
  4. I believe I’m gonna replace the rotten hose on the suction line and clean the suction screen and see if that clears up the cavitation problem so I can make sure the converter is working ok before I pull it out to reseal it, maybe go ahead tear into it and check it out, the transmission holds and shifts good but I’m thinking the pinion or pto seal is leaking into the diff case so I may snatch it out while I’m that deep into it.
  5. Just an update but I pulled the plug and put a vent line on the torque converter, still dribbles oil out of the hole in the bottom of the flywheel housing so I’m thinking leaking seal now.
  6. It’s called elitism, common trait in every left leaning person, they think they know what’s better for you than you do, and believe you can’t be anything but stupid if you don’t agree with their opinions.
  7. That hole is plugged on this machine, any reason why that would need to be plugged for any reason, internal leak etc ?
  8. Td7e, I’ve noticed clean oil coming from an open hole at the bottom of the flywheel housing, this hole is threaded with paint in the threads so I assume it’s been open for quite a while, I’m thinking torque converter input seal leaking or the converter itself maybe, the op manual mentioned a vent, I have no vent that I can find, but there is a plugged hole in the converter housing just behind the dash panel, any ideas or opinions?
  9. If anyone needs an extra dose they can have mine.
  10. I live in a small rural county, less than 22k residents, the majority of whom work in the Houston, Beaumont metro areas, refineries etc, we’ve had three deaths attributed to covid, one male 55 with pre existing health issues and a woman in her 50s suffering from terminal cancer in a facility where my dil is a reg nurse, and a lady in her 50s I know nothing about, .01% death rate, the terminal cancer patient was tested positive with no symptoms other than fever caused by sepsis from her severe cancer lesions, like I said in another post, we’ve had more drug related deaths than from covid, I d
  11. There have been more drug related deaths in my country than have been attributed to covid.
  12. Fear is the ultimate tool to control the population, keep em scared until the so called savior is revealed, the sheep will run to it in masses.
  13. Anybody know where the converter pressure regulator valve is located on the early big trans ?
  14. I have not looked into adjusting the clutches as of yet, the machine will pull in all three fwd and reverse gears without a load, when pushing it seems to stall out too easy, the engine isn’t under the load it should be and the driveshaft isn’t turning so I believe it’s the converter no building up like it should, I can see some foam in the oil and the hose with the yellow circled hose is vibrating like cavitation, I’m almost positive that he his running regular hydraulic fluid in the trans also, as far as traveling and steering it seems to work ok, just the converter not turning the drive l
  15. Td7e big trans, I know the green circle port is converter clutch pressure, can someone tell me what the blue and yellow circled ports or for and what kind of pressure should be at these ports ? Also the yellow circled hose in question, where does it go ? This photo I snagged of of this site, not my actual trans but identical, I’m showing clutch pressure but I don’t trust this old gauge, I’ll be plumbing in my test manifold to these ports on the transmission, I believe I’m getting cavitation at mid/high rpm effecting converter stall,the transmission is holding strong but the converter seem weak
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