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  1. This picture is from the workshop manual showing the installed position of the injectors. Mine are installed in same so I am thinking not installed 180 degrees out
  2. I’ve ordered the DT361 workshop manual. I have all other manuals including parts catalogues for the dozer except this one. It could be the injection timing. I’ll check that when I have the manual to refer to. I’m located in Australia and the only local source of parts is a great guy who brought all the army surplus stock in Australia. He doesn’t know much about these old machines especially at mine is a manual shift. my injectors are installed with the delivery line to the injectors facing away from the rocker cover. This was the original position they were installed in before I touched anything. I alway take photos before I remove any components so I know which way to reinstall them. Anyway I’m enjoying all the input from you guys. Sooner or later I’ll get it sorted out
  3. Thing is I haven’t had all 6 injector nozzles replaced as only 5 new ones were available the 6th new one was no good for some reason so my best old one was reinstalled. In any case I’m not sure it isn’t the pump, however the pump was overhauled at the same work shop and installed on the marks where it was removed from with out the engine being turned. It could be an adjustment on the pump, the “smoke” ( torque) screw or the timing. I have adjusted the smoke screw without any success and I am always reluctant to cut the security wire on any pump adjuster screw when it has just come off the test bench and been all set up to factory specs. it could be the turbo boost pressure but without a spec for what that should be I can not check it. Seeing as the Solar turbos are not longer available and the replacement with another updated unit requires an exhaust manifold change ($$$) I don’t want to go down this path unless I know the turbo is not making full charge pressure. ill keep tinkering
  4. I’m not about the 180 degree rotation of the nozzles as I wasn’t the person assembling them. The shop did have 2 goes a getting them right though and I can only assume that they worked well on the test bench. As re turbo does anyone know what the boost pressure should be? That’s the only way I know of to check the turbos performance. It does spin up and makes a nice whistle when under a load. I have checked it for axial end float/ play and all seems good. I regularly clean the air filters and check the turbo discharge hoses to the inlet manifold and all seems well. Do the 1206 run the same p/n for injector nozzles? Do the DT407, 455 etc run the same injectors?
  5. Hi all, I have a 1967 TD15BG serial 21210 with the original DT361 engine. Injector tip number DLL145S261 pump DDGFC637-54AJ turbo Solar TC3B Ive dome a lot of work with this unit and to this unit including renewing both steering clutches, right side planetary bearings, fuel pump overhaul and renewing and calibrating the injector nozzles and rebuilding the starter motor. She’s a real top machine and punches way above her weight. I’ve been working alongside a D6 Cat and holding my own. Question I have is regarding the amount of smoke I have. I did remove the fuel pump after the flex drive coupling broke and had it overhauled at a reputable fuel injection shop. Reinstalled it and all was good except after idling for a 5-10 minute period it starts to hunt a little (this was the same before the pump was done). Give it some throttle and it runs smooth again and away we go. So when I was doing the planetary bearings I pulled the injectors and sent them out to the same fuel shop to be overhauled. The nozzles fitted are DLL145S261 or p/n 0433270074 which I believe is IH p/n 610715C91. The fuel shop couldn’t source new nozzles so cleaned up the old ones and I reinstalled them. Same problem as before re idle. So I pulled the injectors and sent them out to a different shop who managed to source 5 new nozzles (different stamp number on the nozzle to original) and cleaned up the best old nozzle. I reinstalled, same problem but in addition a heap of black smoke when pushing hard. I pulled the injectors again and sent them back, they were checked and sent to me, I put them in and same result. I am really searching for a set of reman injectors with the nozzle number or 6 new nozzles I have mentioned above. Searching globally for them seems to be like looking for rocking horse pooh. Anyone out there got any leads on a set of 6? I need them tested before being sent out. Seems a lot of these components have been sitting for years and the needles have seized in the nozzles as the assembly lube has gone solid. Especially a problem with NOS. Many thanks
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