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  1. farmerk

    IH 1456

    I neglected to add to my pix.... Tractor was bought new in east central Illinois from IH dealer in Arthur, and would have been traded either in Arthur, IL or Monticello, IL when it left.... thanks again bryon
  2. farmerk

    IH 1456

    Thank you all for the replies I wish I had a pix of the tractor...had the angled doors and not the ice cream cab... The only pix I have which I am attaching is a copy of the credit card registration .... which was found and given to me by a friend of mine while cleaning out files at the dealership....always struggled with spelling our name...but it is all I have, and what helped me start this quest.... Thanks bryon
  3. farmerk

    IH 1456

    I had been reading about some of the old IH tractors on AgTalk, and was suggested I come over here My grandpa had a 1456... I ran that alot when I was in high school I don't remember why it left, but would like to find it again if it exists SN 13468 been checking ads and posts without success thanks bryon
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