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  1. OK, I have posted pictures before, why are these ones rotated? I thought there was something in support about this, but I don't see it. I guess you get the idea anyway.
  2. I'm out in SoCal visiting the MIL and wife. Was rooting around and took some pics of the 504 Orchard that is in the shed. Anything here unique, or just another old tractor setting in the dirt? Diesel, 3 point, no PTO, Orchard fenders, power steering in the sweep back axle/bolster.
  3. Yea, you have to be careful with idiots. About 25 years ago, someone drove back past my brothers house into the hay fields, and stopped. He walked back and tapped on their side window with the butt of his 357. He didn't threaten them or anything of the nature, just told them to get out and stay out, they soon left. Next day, cops come to work ready to haul my brother off. Go figure.
  4. CIHTECH, yes this tractor only has the start option for the key. Practically all of the help videos and articles say to "turn key to run", well, I don't have that option. I guess putting the jumper on would eliminate if the Pressure switch was working or not. The fuel gauge also does not work, but I was not worried about it. Don't remember if voltage gauge is working. Oil is mechanical. I will have to see if I can find a wiring diagram. Thank you all for your help and replies.
  5. I'm working on MIL Massey 245 diesel tractor. This is an old school non electronic tractor. The Temp gage is not working. What is simplest way to determine if gage or sender is bad? This is an electrical gage, not mechanical. Tried looking up, lots of how to replace, but not test. Thank you for your help.
  6. Likewise, but mine seems to jump around the different forum's that I try, not just one. Running windows 10, using Microsoft edge, HP laptop.
  7. I see Fauci made another million for a speaking engagement the other day. Make hay while the sun shines. Kind of like finding a cure for the common cold. Billions of dollars, but for the most part, doesn't kill anybody. Follow the money.
  8. Heading to the west coast today, and going across I-80 near Youngstown Ohio, saw a large MFWD on a trailer with something else coming down the on ramp onto I-80 heading east. Didn't get a good look at it, just a glimpse. Didn't know if someone on here has a new toy?
  9. I looked at the part drawing for a 1066 TA. The "Sprag" that is always mentioned, is this the entire unit that includes the disk's etc, or is it something specific? There is a current post about a 574 with TA problems. A comment was made about the limited or non existence of parts for the TA's. I assume that the different size tractors used a different unit. Is the shortage of parts particular to the smaller, say "Utility" size tractors, or is this across the board. I realize that these tractors are 50 years old and NOS parts are running out, but I didn't know if someone was remaking them
  10. Since I have been on this site, I have noticed a fair amount of issues with TA's going bad or having troubles with them. My nephew has a 1066 and a 966 with a TA on them. These tractors do not get used daily, only for field mowing and making hay. Truth be told, they probably only get about 300 hours a year on them. I'm guessing their in the 5000 hr range. I have seen other places that you should leave them in the forward/back position when not needed to help them live longer. My question is, is there a particular way to use the TA, to help with the longevity of it? Thank yo
  11. I am curious to the term "Circulating" that is used. I have a 434 D154 that has a lower hose heater on it. I assume that it is just a heating element. I am also not familiar with the tank heaters, are these circulating or just a heating element also? To me, "circulating" means that it has a means of circulating the water thru the device, not just a heater.
  12. I worked in a machine shop for almost 50 years, and there is no doubt that a Bridgeport is the best and most universal piece of machinery there is. The problem with bigger drills, is if you are using a collet to drive it, they will spin and tear up your collet, same with chuck. If you use a solid driver on a 1/2" shank, you should be alright if you get the speed correct and don't hang on it. Tapered shank are best though. One thing that needs to be checked, are the spindle bearings. I rebuilt the quill on one a few years ago, and the bearings for the spindle are almost a grand alone.
  13. Go it, my first thought was that it was used on the side of the shaft in a plunger movement rather than spinning. Thank you.
  14. OK, I'll bite. Yes, it is a revolution counter, but it appears that you hold it with your finger tips, and it would have to be used on some sort of lobed or oblong shaft. Please give me an example of how/what this would be used on. Thank you for your help.
  15. Not sure we are on the same page. On your reply, the part that you copied from my post that is in the blue colored box, how did you do that?
  16. Most people do this, and it is obviously rather simple, but I have not been able to figure it out. If I want to copy all or part of a previous post, and add it to my new reply to an existing post, so that I can refer to it, how is this accomplished. Sorry to bother on this, I did try to search it, but no luck. Thank you for your time and help.
  17. The one I always liked was, your driving in a 4 or 6 lane freeway, and the left lane gets backed up for miles (CA). When you get up along side of the culprit, they are reading, or doing paperwork, grading papers, or such. First off, your driving, second is, why do they always have to do it in the left lane? For some reason, the Hispanic drivers ed people must teach that you are supposed to drive in the left lane. Never fails, no matter how fast or slow they are driving, and as far as merging, it's from the merge ramp straight across to the left lane in one swift move, no matter how busy i
  18. I guess it depends on what you are looking for. We have part time farmed for over 50 years. Did we plan to make a living off it, no. We enjoyed doing it. I guess back then, the kids didn't have all of the activities that they have to be at today. We come home from school or work, ate, and worked in the evenings and weekends. We always had a full freezer and ate good. I guess if your serious, like anything do your homework. As hobby Farm mentioned above some areas of interest, it may depend on location and item. Since your in TX, the flowers and greenhouse are dyeing a slow death in CA. An
  19. Being in the same state, we had up to 300 at one time, all gone.. I agree with BigBud, sounds about normal. If they don't have milk, then the biggest lambs get over eating disease, if not it's maggots, or something else. Some people do real well with a small flock, but there is a reason you don't see many people raising them anymore. We used to have singles and twins at any time. Didn't seem to matter which ram. Good luck.
  20. Nice turnout and pictures, Thank you for taking the time. I have 2 questions: 1) What is the use for the metal wheels on the outside of the rubber tires on the IH Super MD(can't read the badge)? 2) Lots of 4 doors down there. What is the silver colored car with the Chevy bowtie on the front, and the 72 Chevelle front end? I knew there were Canadian built gm cars that basically had the same body but different front and rear end, but that one looks to have a different body also.
  21. That place definitely sets on some prime real-estate downtown. Didn't know that, I tried getting a job there once. Thanks for the info.
  22. OK, what was the connection with Solar Turbine?
  23. No fancy trucks and trailers here, just get out your handy little metal tool box, and call over the forklift.
  24. You wonder who got the job of trying to clean up the oil from the concrete in the pit area after it was over?
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