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  1. This is a pic of computer screen, not sure if any better. I don't have the flat fenders, so lighting is different, but not an issue at this time.
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    When ever you post something, underneath your initial and the word "member", there is a plus sign and a number. What exactly does this refer to and how is it established? Thank you.
  3. This is the one I found, but I am out of state and am not able to print or scan. See if this works. MASSEY FERGUSON MF230 Shop Manual (Page 91 of 93) | ManualsLib
  4. Yes, that is the correct one. The fuse you have circled does not blow, it is the other one to the right between the amp meter and the starting switch.
  5. I'm going back thru from the beginning. Checked sender wire, seems ok, got gauge to move grounding sender wire, seems ok. The sender though, now I am not a multimeter genius by any stretch, but I am getting 1.25 cold and about .26 warm. So I figured for 15-20 bucks I'll replace it anyway. How about $75, ouch. Must be made of something besides brass. That was from a MF parts house. I didn't see anything at Steiner or yesterdays tractors. I see Ag Parts has one for $29. My only question is, do you think the calibration would be correct on an aftermarket sender?
  6. I finally found a wiring diagram on manualslib.com, and it shows a diode in the line from the switch to the Alternator. I did not see one, I assume it may be inside the alternator? With the Pressure switch not working, then charging not working also. No, the amp gauge has not moved at all, stays planted dead center. Trying to get wiring dia. printed out, so I can take it out to tractor.
  7. OK, I'm still dinking around with this temperature gauge, and having more issues than I should. As mentioned above, this has a pressure switch to put juice to the gauges. The pressure switch had a tang missing, so I found one and ordered it. The switch has (2) tangs, hot in, pressure, hot out. That seems to be fine. The problem is, since putting in the pressure switch, I keep blowing fuses. There are (2) 20 amp fuses in the dash panel. I have the gauges disconnected from this power line. When I put in the switch, I hooked up a line that seemed to be the missing hot line on one side.
  8. Back in the 70's, I was setting at a red light in NW PA, and across the intersection was this huge cabin cruiser on a trailer, must have come down from lake Erie. The unusual thing was, it was being towed by a corvair. That guy was either nuts or had some really big ones. Out here in CA, you see a lot of the Hispanics that go around picking up and selling used pallets. Usually they have some kind of mini pickup heaped over full. The best one though was, I saw this women driving a ford excursion with three rows of pallets, about 10 high on the roof. I saw it for about a week. The best part
  9. In every society and class of people. you have good and bad. A large majority of the Hispanic people that come up here, do what ever it takes to find work, be it doing the jobs that the people in this country don't want to do, or even standing on a street corner to find it. You don't see the majority setting in front of the big screen covered in bling, waiting for the mail man to bring them their check. That being said, they know the system better than we do. The price I usually hear for the coyote's, is around 3,500 to 5,000 per person. A good friend of ours wife went down to a family af
  10. Well, I went back over and took a closer look at the 504, and as usual, I have more questions now than to begin with. I have attached more pictures that may hopefully clear some things up, and probably make others muddier. In regard to the operator shield, no, no holes or sign of anything mounted up on the cowl/hood. I notice that the seat has plastic on the armrests, was this original? There was mention about the tire tread, so I got a better picture of that. The weights on the inside of the rear wheels, are solid donuts, probably 7"-8" thick. You will see a picture o
  11. Well, I was wrong again, it wasn't an IH, it was a Power Wagon.
  12. I took a quick look for the Red Woody wagon, but still amiss. I'll keep looking for it. On that City Brick Mack, the radiator plate says International Motor CO. Any connection to IH?
  13. I thought there would be someone on here that liked the dozer.
  14. The word here is, two vehicles packed full, cut thru fence on border (where no wall resides) and were trying to get into country. Not sure if they were being chased, but they did get the second vehicle. Coyotes get paid by the head, so the more they can pack in the better. As I mentioned, any time there is an accident with an immense number of people involved, that is usually what it is. Normally they wind up running up freeways in wrong direction to try to get away, and unfortunately, it does not end well. The local illegals know the system, and they come and go as they please, but when
  15. What exactly is this? I will take a look the next time I am over there, but not sure what I am looking for.
  16. Here are the pics that are as far as I know, non IH. It is bad enough to restore a car, tractor, baler, what ever. I can't begin to image the expense and time required to restore some of these trucks. You will see a couple of pictures that show (3) trucks, the good, the bad, and the ugly. If I remember correctly, these were used in LA to deliver news papers, and were battery powered. The "Good" has been restored, the "Bad" was I think partially done, and poor old "Ugly" is still all original, with his batteries and all. Unfortunately, I did not take a picture of the card that had the
  17. I was looking thru some pictures today, and with everything that is going on this crazy world, I thought you might enjoy seeing some of these. It was evidently, the "American Truck Historical Society" gathering in 2004, held at Fontana, CA. This is some of the IH vehicles. That "woody" Traveall Fire piece is very unique and rare. There is another similar in red out here also. I would see them at "wavecrest", which is a woody show. Enjoy.?
  18. I was looking thru some pictures and happen to think about this post. Since you will be driving cross country I assume, you may want to make a stop part way across. In South Bend Indiana, you will find the Studebaker Museum. Lots of neat stuff, carriages, wagons, cars, trucks, you name it. One of the Studebakers started collecting things back in the 1800's, so they have been able to cover their history quite well. Not that far down the road, you will also find the Auburn/Cord Museum. I had always seen the sign along the freeway, but never went. Finally did a couple of years ago, and
  19. It is hard to say why, and you will probably never hear, but usually any time they have that many crammed in a vehicle, they had already gotten across the border, and are moving them further inland to riverside county or LA. Sad, but not uncommon. With that many people in it, obviously the driver could not see, and there are so many different dialects in the spanish/mexican language, chances someone said something other than what the driver thought he heard. I come up thru there, and you will have a divided highway with a wide medium. You pull out from the side road, into the medium,
  20. Not trying to make this political, but you will probably see on the news about the crash in southern CA this morning. There were 27 people in a ford SUV, that got hit by a gravel truck, killing at least 15. El Centro is a farming area in the desert down on the border, that produces a lot of vegetable row crops. You can see the wall about a couple of miles from the freeway. I drove thru there last week, and they were harvesting carrots and cauliflower mostly. This is a heavily Hispanic area, who mostly work for the various farming entities. Unfortunately, this is not an unusual event along the
  21. Not sure if they bought this one new or not, I will have to ask. Family used to be row crop farmers up in Orange County (southern LA). Used to farm with mules, then tractors, then urban sprawl pushed them out, and moved down to San Diego area and got into citrus/avocado. I would have thought it would have been used for mowing in the groves, but kind of tough without PTO. Kind of useless to have fenders, unless it just pulled a sprayer of some kind.
  22. Thank you for your reply. As mentioned above, this tractor is equipped with a pressure switch, that energizes the gauges. I am not getting any juice from it, so I have one on order. Tried the gauge, and got it to move up, so I am assuming it is alright. As CITECH had mentioned, the gauges are powered by the pressure switch. The temp and fuel gauge both do not work, which could be the PS, but I also noticed that the AMP gauge is not reading. I am thinking that this should be powered straight from the battery/starter something, but then again, with no "run" position on the key switch, it w
  23. I see there is a decent looking 856 Wheatland for sale in Lancaster PA, if any one is interested. No connection, just saw it on Machinio sales listing.
  24. Thank you for the picture info. I have downloaded pics from phone before without issue, no idea why this time it didn't work. I had downloaded into my laptop and resized them, before attaching here. I am not sure of history on this tractor. She has a Massey Ferguson that gets used for mowing around the trees. I have only known of this one to run once in the 25 yrs I have been around. The tractor would have been used mainly for mowing around orange and Avocado trees. In regard to the fenders, I was rather amazed at how stout the front mountings brackets for the fenders are, heavi
  25. OK, I tried and failed, how did you do that?
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