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  1. That guy is obviously a big block fan. Here in NW PA, the majority of the muscle cars were all small blocks. They were hard to beat on the street. Not many strips close by. Interesting, the built 340's run like ****, and the only thing that could beat them, was when the guys from Ohio come over with their T Buckets. When I was living in CA, practically every mopar that you saw, had either a 440 or a hemi. I think I saw maybe 3 small blocks the whole time. Back here, just the opposite. How could you not remember a 289 or a 327 in any design. We used to run a 65 chevelle, hil
  2. I know most of you guys are diesel oriented, but I'm hoping there is a carb guy on here somewhere. Quick overview, bought tractor last summer, 1000 hr's, not run for a number of years. People I bought it from, new ignition stuff, gas coagulated. New pump, new line between tanks, new sediment bowl, had someone rebuild carb. Got it running. Got to me, wouldn't start, blew out lines etc. got it to run. When I first got the tractor, it was running quite rich. Tore carb apart and found main jet on end of solenoid was missing. Got a jet and was much better, was still running on the rich si
  3. Yea, #28 is a separate plug, which is in place, and #33 is also there. There obviously isn't much to them, but they can sure cause you grief. The tractor only has 1,000 hr's on it, so the cross shafts and bushings are good and tight. All of the passages blow thru good. That seat that the venturi sets on, #30 I assume that the seat is just a snug fit into a straight bore, or is there a ledge in there that it is setting on? If I set the venturi in there with the gasket in place, the venturi seems to be able to move around some. Should that be captured in there tight or doesn't it reall
  4. I have noticed at a number of auctions this year, that people have single tooth subsoilers. What exactly would these be used for? I could see ones with a number of teeth, but just a single? Just curious, thank you.
  5. The inside of the tank is pretty much as expected. I get some fine crud in the sediment bowl, but nothing large or restricting. The tank has not been sealed, so that's out. The strange part is mine is gas and the one on you tube was a diesel, both had the same tar in it. That was the part that seemed strange. When I say tar, it looks exactly like roofing tar, jet black and thick. There are no rubber lines, everything is hard plumbed, unless the inside of the hard lines is coated with something. I have taken the carb off and tore it apart. Some real fine rusty colored dust i
  6. I see a couple of places close to me supposedly carry it. I'll give it a try. Thanks for the info.
  7. No, I don't. I have watched a few of them. The one where he was spin forming tin for in lamps I thought was interesting. Unfortunately, like some of the old car collectors, that group of people are slowly passing away, and there are a lot fewer people involved in it now. Used to be a multi million dollar industry that the gov. didn't get their finger in.
  8. I have a 574 gas that had sat for a dozen years or so. The gas lines were full of a black tar like substance. The people I got it from cleaned most of it out, except the main line that goes from the sediment bowl to the fuel pump. They got it to flow thru it, but I still get crap out of it. I can run the tractor around no problem, but if I put it under a load at higher rpm, it is running out of gas. At this point I am guessing that there is still enough tar in the main line, that it is restricting gas flow. If I let it set awhile, it will start up and be alright, until I push it agai
  9. I collect horse drawn coaches and carriages. Prince Phillip was very active in carriage driving, and every year, they open up the grounds at Windsor Castle to an equestrian event, that covers all of the different disciplines, a spectacular event. I was at it a number of years ago, and Prince Phillip was going to be coming thru with his turnout, in the marathon phase of the combined driving competition. This is a cross country course if you will, with man made obstacles, and always water hazards of some sort. So I go to the water hazard early, and found a good spot to take my pictures along one
  10. I remember when the wife and I were in Australia, we were in a shop, and the wife was checking out the furs, found one she really liked. We were quite amazed that it was opossum. Definitely different texture than the big fat one I saw in the yard the other night.
  11. Always interesting to see other parts of the world and how they operate. Thank you. I didn't realize that chamois were down there. My fathers family are from the Tyrolian alps area in northern Italy. My grandfather used to go hunt chamois up in the mountains. It would take him about 3 hours to hike up, spend the day and then come back. One time on a warm sunny day, it felt like a good time to take a nap. Come dark and he wasn't back yet, the entire village went out searching for him. He come wandering back into town, and asked what all the excitement was about. Seems strange when we can j
  12. Yea, I was just talking to him, and I think I managed to talk him out of it. They had already split it and replaced a pump, but that didn't help. Time to move on. Thank you for your help and reply's.
  13. Obviously I am getting this second hand, but they are saying it won't move. I am just trying to get a rough idea what it would take if so. In regard to Herr's, do they rebuild yours, or just send you one in exchange? Thanks again.
  14. My nephew is looking at a 656 utility, and the hydro is bad. Is this something that you can still get parts etc. for, and is there any major issues with replacing one? He has been looking for one for awhile, and this one just happen to come up locally. There getting old enough, that chances are they will need addressed pretty soon any way, I would assume. Thank you for your help.
  15. Wow, obviously I must look at things in a completely different perspective than the rest of the people in the tractor world. First off, it was not brought up to be considered a cream puff, or a mint time capsule, It's a 40 plus year old "FARM TRACTOR", use it. Is it abused, I don't believe so from what I can see, is it dusty, sure. Give some body a couple hundred dollars to detail it if you want it shiny. Will it bring a good price, probably, there are not that many around here, and buying one several states away, when all is said and done is not a magic answer either. I suppose
  16. For you western PA guys, I just happen to see this in the local paper. 1086 Red Power, Cab, 2900 hours, stored indoors. Look up Todd Beichner auctioneer auction, this saturday in Tionesta, PA I have no connection, just sounded like a good tractor for someone. On a side note, what is the Red Power designation?
  17. Out here in SoCal, I took the kids (dogs) for a ride today. The metal art world has been at it out here for some time. Down in the Borrego Desert, on the east side of San Diego county, A man was buying a bunch of property, and was putting art work on it. He became friends with a Hispanic man, and paid him to build a number of these sculptures, and has them scattered around on his property, down around the town of Borrego Springs. This is a Dragon, roughly 20 feet tall. Middle of his body And, his tail on the other side of the road. How about a grass
  18. Thank you. What does the "wheatland" name refer to? Obviously you have just covered the tractor, but was this a factory/town name? We have a 656 gas, narrow front, hydro, and it has "Farmall" on the top of the 656 number plate on the side of it. I don't remember what it say's down the side of the hood, I would have to look again. The way it was told to me, correct or not, was it was an international, unless it said Farmall on the series number plate on the side.
  19. Interesting, that down in the southeastern part of PA, prices have always been much higher than here in NW PA. There is an estate with around 1,500 acres, at least 4 houses, 4 story barn, etc., that backs up to our properties along the river. I think it's been on the market for $3,500,000 for years. This area was all manufacturing, went down in the 80's, never came back. Just in the last couple of years, manufacturing started to come back some, dead again. If you like lots of trees, rivers, lakes, and country, there is plenty of room around here, and the prices are any where you
  20. On a separate post on "1086 axle size", they are getting into a discussion on Farmall vs International. I didn't want to highjack that one, so here we are. When I was a kid, Farmall's were the tall tractors, and International's were utility tractors. I have seen various comments about them, but never really seem to find out what the actual difference is. Without getting into a lot of technical, what was the basic difference? Thank y for your help.
  21. Well, I managed to get this in the wrong place, if you could move it to the coffee shop, I would be very grateful. Thank you.
  22. I thought I would show a few pics of my road trip, for those of you that have never been out here, and think that it is all sand and palm trees. On the way out, I wanted to get some pictures of the dairy and feed lot, that is out in the desert south of Phoenix, but it didn't happen. Maybe on the way back. On the way out, I stop in Holbrook, AZ, at Jim Gray's Petrified Wood Co. A lot of unique stuff. He has a property, that having to dig down about 30 feet, finds this petrified wood. Sells it in log chunks and also makes things out of it. The one above is like a coffee table, Th
  23. Ahhh, it will turn right over, look at all of those STP and Ashland stickers. Is that blade assembly factory, or is that somebody's afterthought?
  24. When I do a post with a number pictures, It would be easier for the readers if I could put comments below each picture, rather than a bunch at the top. I have seen this done, but have not figured out how to do it. Laptop, windows 10.
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