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  1. Yea, here the businesses are screaming for workers. McDonalds even has a $500 sign on bonus, still can't get them. Sad part of that though, is this area was mainly manufacturing that went down in the 80's and never come back, and all of the young people have left. Now we have social programs for every dependency imaginable, and the people to go along with it. Of course they are all government funded.
  2. The local Mexicans that killed them, had someone in the local town that bought them for I think $50 bucks apiece. They claim they have some kind of medicinal purpose.
  3. Looking at your drawing, am I seeing that correct. Does that say 328 parking spaces? There must be an awful lot of people visit that place. Obviously not to scale.
  4. When living in north San Diego County, MIL had a flower ranch. Mexican workers would sharpen end of a long stick, and stick them thru the back of their head. They used golf carts around the ranch, and would come rolling down to the office with a big old smile and a big old rattler hanging from a stick off the back of their cart. They would be in the avocado groves and around the house. In 18 years never had any real problems, killed a few. Any time one was in the drive or around the house, they would just lay there. Out in the grove is where you would see them coiled up.
  5. I had covered this in another post. From setting, the gas had turned into a substance like a black tar. Most out, thought there was still some in the main line.
  6. This is not a post looking for info, just an informational post for future knowledge. I have a 574 C-200 gas tractor, that I had purchased last summer. Previous owner had put a new fuel pump on it, due to the tractor setting for a number of years. I was using the tractor, and it shut off on me like it was needing gas. I thought maybe the pump had gotten plugged up with gelled gas and checked with NAPA. They said they had a listing for it, by cross referencing the IH numbers, 535682R91 & 404769R91 (one superseded the other), and I wound up getting an Airtex 40600 pump. This pump
  7. Just to follow up, I seemed to have (2) issues, one not apparent, one dumb mistake. Previous owner had replaced fuel pump. I replaced it with one from NAPA that matched, didn't work. Ordered one from IH, good to go. I will make another post that deals just with this, just for information for others (574 C-200 fuel pump). Second problem was, it would only run when choked. I assumed it was starving for gas, nope, starving for vacuum. After tearing carb apart for the 4th time, I realized that the venturi was upside down, and did not fit tight enough to draw vacuum. It sets into a brass
  8. Fuel line hooked to pump, manual operate, shoots gas all over, mount to block, gas actually running out of "out" passage, turn over, no change. Guess I better order a IH pump. Pretty much impossible to not have pump/arm in correctly. Thank you again for your time and help.
  9. `There is something really basic that I am missing here. Background: Bought tractor last summer, has 1000 hr's on which I have not found anything that says otherwise. It had set for a number of years, and gas had turned to tar. Place I bought it from replaced various lines etc. and fuel pump (Don't know if this is an aftermarket or IH, no IH markings). Got it running. I have used it a little and was running fine, but it was not under a load. Under load seemed to be running out of gas. Carb is clean, all lines clear, gas tank about half full, etc. I got a new fuel pump from NAPA,
  10. Thursday morning I was getting the car serviced at the garage, and while I was there, the morning show out of Pittsburgh was on the TV. I don't know where it was at, not local, but it shows a truck barreling thru the middle of a pileup on a snowy interstate, and it hit a highway plow truck and threw that thing sideways off the road and on its side like it was a rag doll, and it hardly slowed him down, as he kept plowing thru cars and other semi's. I don't know if that guy killed anyone, but there was definitely no reason for it.
  11. I had recently driven from PA to CA and back. It seems to me, that there are a considerable number more semi's on the road than there used to be. It used to be, that you would respect them, and for the most part, they would try to respect the 4 wheelers. Now, I realize there are idiots behind both wheels unfortunately, but I have seen more trucks zig zagging all over the lanes, hanging out in the left lane for no reason, etc., and more locked up tire smoke in 2 days, than I have seen in my life. I have seen videos recently of wrecks on snowy interstates, and here comes a big rig, lik
  12. I have said it on here before, what starts in CA will be in the rest of the country before you know it. So, just wait, it will be coming to your neighborhood, soon.
  13. That looks like quite a project. They sure look different once they are cleaned and a coat of paint on them. Who made those things? When I was a kid, the neighbor used to have some setting in his yard. Here in NW PA, the guys used to get them to use on the oil leases back in the woods. I don't recall any of them still around, maybe a track somewhere. Good luck.
  14. We had a nice big maple tree for those times. We had a local guy with a 69 Nova called Novocain, 427 , 4 speed. He lived in town and used to pull the motor from a tree along the curb. My brother had a 70 challenger 340. One slick fit in the trunk and I had to sit in the back seat with the other. No floor jack, had to use bumper jack to change slicks and uncap hearders at the track. Those things were downright hazardous. Remember the Die Hard commercial where the parents borrowed the kids car, I think it was maybe a 67 cuda fastback with the metal flake cobwebbed paint job, classi
  15. The wooden ones were mostly water sprinklers, to wash horse pooh off of the streets. Studebaker was one of the main builders for horse drawn water tanks and street sweepers. Some of the metal tanks were water tanks also. This is a water wagon with the sprinklers out the back. Not a real good one, but it was handy. This is a metal tank water wagon at a sale next week. Couldn't get it any bigger.
  16. My father had a 66 CAPRICE, 396, 4 speed, buckets, triple black, nice car. Traded it in 69, kid had 66 wrapped around a pole in a month. The 69 was a Caprice also, 427, 4 speed, buckets, triple black, black vinyl roof, hideaway headlights. That was a runner for a family car. Tried to find that thing for years, never did.
  17. GT&T, thank you for the reply. I don't know if you can answer this or not. On a regular carbureted automobile, they used to want 5-7 lbs. pressure, of course this is with having to bring fuel from the tank at the back of the car. On a tractor with an updraft carburetor, and the tank basically gravity feeding, is this still a requirement, or as long as it keeps the bowl full it's happy? Thank you for your help.
  18. That's pretty pricey for what they have setting there. At a big auction, they don't sell for much more restored. This is a nice one at the truck museum in back of the Auburn Cord Museum. Yes, this one would sell for more.
  19. What's the purpose of the "mole", just to keep a clear tunnel for draining?
  20. We had an A&P grocery store with a big parking lot and a Riverside grocery across the street. Saturday nights both would be full with muscle cars. Of course back then it was all brute horse power, no bottles and buttons and crap. We had a friend we helped get his 440 back in his 69 Charger. The thing would pull the wheels at the strip. We got the motor in and bolted on the hood. He says lets run into town just to break it in. His house was on the edge of town, so it was close. We loaded up, went past the A&P on the 4 lanes, looped and wound up racing some guy in 383 RR. Needless to say
  21. I remember as a kid, too young to drive, I tagged along with my brother when he went to a small local junk yard. I remember walking thru the old wood sided, wood floor shop, and there on engine stands in the main room was Hemi on one and a SOCH on the other. Not bad for a town of 10,000 population. We had lots of muscle cars for a small area. Probably the best was 427 Motion Vega. Even still had the door buzzer in it, but sweeeeet.
  22. Nope, good try, but no difference. I checked it on the bench to make sure it was working, and I can hear it clicking when I turn the key on, so I assume it 's working.
  23. May have something there. I checked the operation of the solenoid, but I just happen to remember that I used a fiber washer and not a copper one. I bet it is not getting enough ground to work. Thank you.
  24. I have a 574 c-200 gas. Last fall I replaced the water pump, and run into the same issue. I don't know if this is the same pump as your tractor, but it gives you a place to start. This seal is no longer available from IH, unless you find one in stock somewhere. I didn't record where I got mine, but I think it may have been local. Below is a copy of what I had posted in an earlier post here. Hope this helps. PN # 402928r1 is the correct number and is no longer available thru IH, other than finding one setting in stock somewhere. The bushing is not top hat shaped, it is tubular,
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