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  1. I went up and looked at the wheels today, and yes, the third type of lock is actually a wedge lock that does not have the horseshoe bracket on it.

    Tonight after the nephew got home from work, he put a socket on the center bolt, and he said it come loose with hardly any effort, so obviously it was not tightened enough, or had worked loose. this weekend we will jack it up and move it in.

    Thanks again for everyone's help.

  2. Stronger 800, yes, we need to loosen the lock and move the wheel in where it should be. Have not done, because I thought we needed something else to do it.

    If you would, What is the proper procedure for loosening the lock with the horse shoe piece on it?

    Thank you for your help.

  3. Of the three big tractors, all of them have a different type of wheel lock from side to side. Was this a normal production thing, or over the years have they been monkeyed with?

    On the 966, it also has two different type's of wheel locks.


    This is the one on the left side. Appears to be pretty straight forward.



    This is the one on the right side. If you noticed, the one on the right is much further out on the axle than the left. This is not intentional, it has been slowly walking it's way out.

    There has been many discussions on here about needing the special tool to remove the wheel lock. The left wheel does not look like it would need anything special. The main one of concern is obviously the second picture of the right wheel. Is this the style that would require the special tool?

    Is there a common reason or problem with this style of clamp that lets it move out? This has occurred over a number of years, but also, it probably doesn't see 100 hours a year.

    Thank you for your time and help.

  4. I was out brush hogging today with the 574 (gas), and was wondering about the hydraulic temperature.

    I am running a 7' single spindle 3pt brush hog, mowing pasture(2-3 ft tall grass, not real dense like a hay field). I was running mostly low 4th, about 2000 rpm. Tractor has loader bucket on it and underslung exhaust. It was also 85 deg. out. Front of grill was open and not plugged up.

    When I was mowing, and if I stood up, my legs were back against the sheet metal under the seat, and it seemed quite warm. I mowed for about 6 hours, and when I put it back in the shed, I could not keep my hand on the top of the tranny housing.

    I realize that little oil cooler can only do so much, and all  of the above relates to creating heat, but should it be this hot?

    Am I correct in saying that the PTO is basically run by hydraulics, and not a gear drive?

    Have owned this tractor less than a year, but PTO seems to working correct and not slipping.

    Checked fluid level, and was not low.

    All new fluid and filter 30 hrs.' ago.

    Thank you for your time and help.

  5. Depends on what your into. Frick Museum has some cars and carriages, Meadowcroft Village, HJ Heinz Museum downtown. Penguins are out, so nothing there.

    I haven't been down around there for sometime. There used to be some interesting ethnic activities and neighborhoods.

    There used to be a regatta boat races and the classic car races thru I think Sewickley, but they are probably later on.

    Beaver Springs Dragway is an old school 1/4 mile east of Pittsburgh. They are having some kind of todo this weekend. Jet cars Sunday night.

  6. 2 hours ago, TeachersPet1066 said:

    Westmoreland Grand Nationals tractor pull is tonight - says decision by 10 due to rain.

    TP1066, I can not find anything on this, where is there info? Thank you.

  7. I live in NW PA about an hour east of you. Our first tractor was 656 hydro gas, nf, still have it. For years that was our main tractor, now there are 966, 100 hydro, 1066S, all over kill for what we do. Wonderful tractors. but more than we need. We don't try to make a living at it, and mostly make square bales on about 80 acres.

    If your planning on doing a lot of plowing and such, then yea, go with something a little more solid, but that 656 has been a wonderful tractor, and is usually the first one to get used for something.

    A front loader is a great piece of equipment, but they to me seem to be in the road on your main piece of equipment. A nice little utility with a bucket is a really handy thing. I realize that is another expense, but you have to love them.

    For 25 acres,  I think the 656 would work fine. Again, as far as a cab, your not going to be spending that much time in it, compared to making a living from it. Just more expense and upkeep. Our tractors that had cabs were discarded. You can always go bigger if your directions change.

    I had seen a wide front for a 656 on craigslist not that long ago.

    Good luck, you should be able to find plenty of equipment over in your neck of the woods.

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  8. A couple of weeks ago, I was down at Lebanon PA, and saw the guys mowing this and had no idea what it was. Went by one day and they were mowing the heck out of it, next day all gone. Learned something new today.

  9. If it's trying to start, sounds to me like fuel. There is a solenoid hanging out the bottom of your carb at an angle. If you unscrew that out, it will show if there is any gas in the bowl. You can also check it to make sure it is working and not plugged. If you turn the key off and on, you should hear it click each time. That is the solenoid pushing the plunger in and out. If you unscrew it out, plug it back in, and you can ground the body against something and watch it operate.

    If you take it out and the bowl is full of gas, then it is working alright.

    Have you done anything fuel related to it lately?

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  10. Thank you for the reply's. On the clutch pedal, I had to take it off and grease the shaft and bore. On the brake side, I have the earlier serial number, but the drawing still shows a zerk. Looking at your picture, I do not have it. I think the hole may be there, I assumed it was the cross pin holding the pedal on. I obviously need to dig a little closer. Thank you again for your help.

  11. I like how they have gone to the "On" & "Off" on the ratchet. Wonder when it will be lefty loosey, righty tighty. I think I would be worried if your mechanic brought that out and used it.

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  12. I am working on my master cylinders and notice the shaft that the clutch and brake pedals are on could use some grease. Problem is, I dont see a zirk on it anyware. Am I missing it, or do you actually have to tear it apart to gtease it? 

    Thank you for your help.

  13. A little off topic, but I worked in a tool and Die shop. We had big tables for laying out the prints for the molds. The table I used to use, had a 4' x 8' sheet of aluminum, and inscribed on it was a dashboard for a 60's something Dodge truck. Rather than a paper blueprint, it was on a sheet of aluminum. No idea what happened to it, I was out of state when that building was flattened and a new one built. Probably be pretty unique to have these days.

  14. I live in Pennsylvania in the north east. I drive out to southern California to visit and back. Driving pretty solid during the day and only stopping for gas, it takes me 4 days out, and 5 days back (you have 4 time zones across this country). So, that's a week for 2500 miles one way, and you don't really see anything. Just to give you an idea.

    New England is nice, but you could spend 3 weeks there easy. Lancaster area of Pennsylvania as mentioned above, is very nice. There is a lot to see east of the Mississippi river.  West of that, it opens up quite a bit. Grand Canyon always amazes me, and if you love mountains an nature, you will not be disappointed with Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons.

    California has some nice places, problem is, there are a few million other people with the same idea. San Diego area is nice. The foothills going north have a lot of history and interesting things regarding gold rush times. My opinion, stay away from LA and San Francisco. They are nothing but cess pools anymore. The only neat thing about LA to me, is the LeBrea Tar pits. It's a tar pit in the middle of downtown LA, where they unearth prehistoric animals.

    As mentioned. stay away from the big cities, they are the same no matter where you go. Use the freeways to get from one area to another, but enjoy the side roads, that is where you will see the most. Being honest, you are not going to see much in 3 weeks.

    Timing wise, September/October would probably be best, after schools are back in session and hopefully snow has not closed some of the upper passes in the mountains.. The leaves usually start to turn beginning of October, depending on where you are at. That being said, New England is a hot spot for tourists during the fall colors. Nice to see, but may want to avoid.

    Good luck.

  15. This is a 1466 that is for sale near me. I know you guys are always interested in cab, open station, rops, but I have not seen one like this in your conversations. Is this a factory option, or was this after market? Just curious.



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  16. When I was living in SoCal, I bought a parts cleaner from HF, and they had some water based, nature friendly cleaner for it. I put that stuff in it, and it just ate all the paint off the inside of that tank and turned it to a heavy solid rust, in about a week. Never did get to try it.

  17. It's sad what we used to take for granted is slowly disappearing in the name of progress. A few years ago, the wife and I were over in Wales on the coast. We stayed the night in this wonderful little village that sat in this cove, with a beautiful view of the ocean. Only problem, about a mile out, there were so many wind machines that you couldn't see the ocean past them. As if there there isn't some place out of sight to build those things.

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