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  1. I don't know the internals of these pumps, but I know the CAV's inside and out.. fellow had an old 414 IH I think it was? wouldn't start.. there are two plungers in the pump that get pushed inward by the cam ring, and they can bind up in their bores if left for decades.. they have a weak spring pushing them out so if they aren't used, they lock up.. it's not rocket science to take those pumps apart, take pictures, keep it clean If these pumps are more like the Bosch VE pumps (they are by the looks) plunger rotates as it moves in and out, so unless it's TERRIBLY stuck and the shaft breaks, that part is probably fine and it's more likely a problem with the metering system, I think it's a sleeve on the plunger.. Here's an exploded view
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