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  1. Need a set of 14.9 or 15.5-38 tires for our Super M. A good tire for pulling hard tracks with stock horsepower. What works? thank you in advance.
  2. Does anyone have a recommendation where to purchase a rebuilt governor for my W4? just stock RPM tractor rides and plowing.
  3. We have removed the hydraulic belly pump and also the belt pulley drive assembly. We still need to lose 40 lbs. We also would like to keep a wide front. The original front end is bent and welded up. If we find a good Schwartz wide front, is it lighter? trying to hit 5500 lbs. Thanks, Mike
  4. I do not have it apart yet, it would be what ever is original.
  5. Did anyone ever market a differential lock kit for Farmall Super M?
  6. Thanks Ed, the old clutch is starting to feel weak.
  7. Does anyone have a recommendation for a heavy duty clutch for a Super M? Something good to 70 horsepower. Thanks, Mike
  8. So the next step in my Super M project is cleaning the gas tank. I took it out side to the weed patch, removed the sediment bowl, and drained out about 5 gallons of dark yellow stinky fluid. With the old gas there was some peach colored scale like egg shell fragments in the grass. When I looked in through the fill cap, I could see a thin layer of this scale in patches on the bottom of the tank. My question is: What product will remove this stuff? Thanks, Mike
  9. Just to follow up: I cut the old belt off, replaced the alternator belt and rolled the new water pump/fan belt on using the crank. Not too tight, not too loose. just lucky I guess
  10. The alternator (generator) belt on my Super M is shot.The wide fan/water pump belt is good. I cannot get the pulley sheave to thread loose to get belt slack to remove the belts and replace the small belt. Is there a special tool for this. Should I cut both belts off and heat it with a torch to loosen? Any ideas are appreciated.
  11. I have decided to go with the high compression 450 LP head on my Super M project. Only problem is availability. Bates IH tells me 4 to 8 weeks wait for the new replacement head. Does anyone have any other ideas on who may have one? Casting# 364586R1
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