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  1. I appreciate the information from everyone - thanks
  2. Augercreek - haven't figured out how to respond directly to your post (I can use a wrench better than a computer). Elroy is an adjustable width, wide front with high speed first and reverse. No three point. Not sure of the original model or configuration. Had it a couple months. I name most of my stuff too.....
  3. That's a good idea. What's your lowest cold start temp that you normally see? Thanks
  4. Hello all. New to forum and new owner of gasoline powered '65 Farmall 504. Wondering what those with more experience than I would suggest for year round engine oil. Light to medium duty, low hours use for yard and garden chores, log handling for the sawmill, and snow moving. Stored indoors, unheated building. Has a block heater. Northern Minnesota so it gets a little chilly in the winter. Engine runs great and uses very little oil, would like to keep it that way. If two oil changes a year is what it takes, that's what I'll do, but would be interested to hear others experience based suggestions
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