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  1. Heavy loads.... You are correct! The tank in the bed is probably 1000 - 1500 gallons made to haul water up and down the mountain for wildfire firetrucks. Between the super low gearing of 1-2 gears and the low range in the transfer case, and the hydraulic retarder on the transmission, heavy loads should be no problem for this thing. lol I will take some current photos tomorrow and get them posted. I will be sharing the progress regarding resurrecting this old girl. I'm stoked! Love these old trucks! I have BIG plans for her and if all goes well, she will be back in commercial use by spring, even if new paint isn't on yet
  2. Looking thru the Allison service manual and I found my answer on the 3rd pedal on the floor! Here is what the book says: "The hydraulic retarder is operated by depressing a foot treadle. The speed of the vehicle can be effectively reduced on straight road, curves and downgrades without the use of the service brakes." It's a hydraulic transmission brake.
  3. Good Morning and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I posted pictures of this truck with questions over a year ago, if any of you remember. But, I have a little more knowledge about her now. She used to be a water truck to deliver water to the firetrucks on our local mountain range. She has less than 11,000 miles on her originally so Other than changing fluids and getting rid of old gas, in theory, she should start up, run and drive. I have put a battery to her and poured a little gas down the carb and she did pop off for a few seconds. So, a worthy project to get running I think. She has the 392 V-8 with a Holley governed carb. I contacted Holley directly and they were absolutely no help for a rebuild kit for the carb BUT they did give me a number to call and even told me this company has more older Holley carb info & parts than Holley does. If anyone needs parts for these older Holleys, the place is "The Carburetor Doctor" out of Lake Jackson, Texas. They had the kit and I now have it here on my shelf. They were awesome to work with. The transmission is the Allison MT40, 6 speed automatic transmission. So, in the cab, there are 3 pedals in front of the drivers seat. The gas, the brake and a long skinny one where a clutch pedal would normally be. Crawled underneath and the pedal goes to a linkage which crosses under the transmission and is tied into a valve body on the side of the transmission with 2 hydraulic lines coming out of it. Haven't traced the lines yet but does anyone have any guesses? I do know these transmissions have 2 places where PTO's can be utilized but would this be a hydraulic PTO from the transmission? I haven't found it in the service manuals yet or any info what it would do. 3 levers on the floor. 2 of them go to the transfer case. My guess is high/low, Parking brake (this is a for sure) and a PTO out of the TC. But I haven't paid much attention to the transfer case yet. My guess is they had a PTO for the water pump and has been removed for a while now. And yes, the truck is a Coleman axle truck! The front axle is wider than the rear for better off road capability and there is a warning on the dash that says max speed is 40 mph. lol The tires are shot and this will be the biggest expense of them all! They are 15 x 22.5 tires & rims. Yup, heavy equipment tires. Cheapest I'v found is $1000 per tire plus shipping. The ones I am eye-balling are $1650 a tire but 20% off if I buy all 4 at once. Huge discount but still hurt the pocketbook. Decided to see what this little video would do on Tictok. haha https://v16m-webapp.tiktokcdn-us.com/8c0dd18cf418bd4df846a7b676d97543/637fb5d6/video/tos/useast5/tos-useast5-ve-0068c002-tx/55db2e593cfd4b2392c913f0d75d0667/?a=1988&ch=0&cr=0&dr=0&lr=tiktok_m&cd=0|0|0|0&br=228&bt=114&cs=0&ds=3&ft=ebtHKH-qMyq8Zc.Iqhe2NE6Rfl7Gb&mime_type=video_mp4&qs=0&rc=MzY4NDY8ZDY0PDRlODxkZUBpMzs8OTo6Zm9kZzMzZzczNEAyLTY0MmNgNWIxM2AzXjNjYSNuZy1tcjRvcHNgLS1kMS9zcw%3D%3D&l=20221124121951B7AECD7674D00C019E87
  4. Nope, It is a Coleman-American Axle coupled to an Allison 6 Speed automatic. Still need to look up the transfer case though.
  5. Well, since she is my next project, I figured I better be ready. Got the complete 3 book Service Manual from "Binder Books" and the Allison 6 speed service manual off Ebay. Wasn't cheap but I'm sure some headaches will be avoided this way. I will post pictures of the front axle once I have the wheel off. First, get the motor running and get it to drive. Right after I finish the 8N.
  6. Mine doesn't have the hubcaps due to non-original rims I would imagine. Should make the access a little easier.
  7. This kinda hits the funny bone. If parts are not available, how good is the parts book in reality? But seriously, if part numbers are available, it does give you a reference to search for.
  8. That's what I figured due to the various components of the trucks but I guess it was wishful thinking to have the light duty and medium duty separated since so many parts are different between the 2 class ratings. Too bad it has to have all the information on the pickups and Travelall's mixed together. Time to order the books!
  9. Is the entire 3 book set necessary to get the full scope of the entire truck? Binder Books: Service Manual for 1965-1973 International IH Pickup, Travelall, Loadstar & Cargostar. 3 Volume Set
  10. My 1600 is only 2 wheel drive.
  11. That is a book I would love to have in my library for this old girl. Off to E-bay I go! What should I be looking for specifically? Just International Service Manual and find the one with the proper years?
  12. Love this info.... I also found the service manual for the MT40 on Ebay and have it on it's way. With less than 11k miles on the unit, I'm hoping it's like a brand new unit inside. But that does answer the 3rd pedal question. Thank you! I think it needs a cable though. Doesn't move that much when you step on it.
  13. Hello Ed. Your name was brought up earlier in the thread and they said you were the man that knows these best so thank you for the description. Now, I have envisioned in my head if you will, the 1800's "cog wheel" they used in windmills to switch from vertical to horizontal rotation and this would also fit your description of being a crude set up but did the job that it was intended for. Something of this size, I'm actually surprised a system like that would be utilized as it does have "weak points". But we are also talking about a time when large V-8's put out less power than today's v'6's so.... I don't think I'll be dropping that Mack 2 stroke turbo diesel into this old girl. haha So, are these pins in an enclosed space or do they need constant lubrication, especially in sandy conditions? I just want to make sure I know what I'm getting into before I start digging in. Off to the IH Tractors webpage I go! Zoom.
  14. Sadly, anything with a float really isn't made for bouncing. The manuals for both Edelbrock and Holley instruct for adjustments how to set them up for quarter mile time and such, but I've seen on Edelbrock's website how to adjust for steep grades also. The guy I got the truck from said it did great on the mountain, but we shall see what it does in the desert. Ideally, fuel injection is the ticket for offroad, but I don't have unlimited funds as it probably would cost more than the truck is worth. lol
  15. I have a 150 gallon semi fuel tank that will fit real nicely in the bed behind the cab.
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