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  1. ZG6E did you put a directional valve between the pump and orbital? If so what type and how was it connected to AOG to activate when auto steer turned on? Thanks
  2. thank you for quick response. not real knowledgeable on hydraulics, please explain what is meant by and how to isolate steering system?? I thought I read in tractordata that the 5488 has a close center system? is this not true for the steering? you have not installed a load sensor so if you manually turn wheel how will system react? do you have to push steer switch to turn on and off?
  3. Zach very interested in this system. I have built and used the AOG GPS using the phiget motor and would like to convert to hydraulics. Do you have more details on hook up and wiring of the coils? Can I use the cytron motor driver for this. Is it really as easy as putting in the 4 t's 2 off of orbital and 2 off of cylinder? Are there any setting in AOG that would need changed from using the electric motor? Thanks
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