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  1. Has anyone done this? Black Diamond?
  2. This is a basic outline.
  3. Watched a YouTube video. I think I’m good there. I’ll have to order a lock nut socket. Anyone know off hand what size that sucker is?
  4. I need a tutorial on how to get into the rear drums. Advice appreciated.
  5. I just got a new master cylinder from truckid.com for my '56 S-182. It was pretty inexpensive. $65.
  6. ShelbyK

    1st post

    Mine was 130.83002 for a Centric master cylinder. But for a 1956 S-180. TruckID.com was helpful. I ended up selecting CO180 but it's the same part.
  7. Another fact. Mechanical clutch. Seems important
  8. Thanks! Seems about right. I’ll keep looking for an ID tag through the grease.
  9. I don’t know how to identify it. It’s a 5 speed. Long throw R and 1, then short through the others. Not running so I don’t know which way is what. No sticker for the shift pattern. I also don’t know how to ID the rear end. Eaton 2 speed. Pretty sure. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  10. ShelbyK

    BD308 vs BD264

    I just bought an S-182 with a bd308. It’s frozen right now and I’m trying to get it broken loose. FWIW the front of the engine is mounted on the front crossmember under the timing cover. I think the back uses the transmission for support. There’s a separate cover under the flywheel that exposes half of the flywheel and clutch. Not a normal bell housing. I’m super new to this so I don’t really know how to label this but I’d be happy to take pictures or measurements or whatever. Fingers crossed I can get this sucker running. if someone knows where to look for parts for these, I’d be happ
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