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  1. I did this yesterday when I engaged the PTO without the cable attached. I shut off the tractor and the PTO lever disengaged.
  2. Thanks striker782. The control valve fully engages both with and without the cable attached so it looks like everything is okay. I guess I’ll know more once I start putting this tractor to work. I’m just a little nervous since it’s the largest and most expensive tractor I’ve owned and my only other reference is my ‘73 Massey 165 . Thanks again for the advice guys!
  3. Thank you very much for your reply CIHTECH! Unfortunately no 'N' on the shuttle control. The cable from the PTO lever goes to a lever on the PTO housing. I’ll unhook the cable and see if the lever and/or valve have full travel. If I have to remove the PTO housing do I have to drain both the PTO and transmission? I just changed the hydraulic fluid, filter and cleaned the screen so I'd rather not drain the whole system again if I can avoid it.
  4. As a follow up... I connected the bush hog to the tractor and the 540 rpm PTO was only showing 230 rpm at idle and 270 rpm at 1350 engine RPM. It seems like the PTO control valve isn’t fully opening to allow full hydraulic pressure to the PTO. It looks like I need to remove the entire PTO housing to get to the control valve? Also, is there any alternative to the $700+ OEM shop manual. I’m more than willing to pay for a shop manual but the price for the OEM manual seems ridiculous!
  5. I just purchased a 5240 Maxxum to cut and bale hay. When I try to engage the PTO the lever in the cab will only go about 2/3 to 3/4 to the fully engaged position (all the way forward) from the fully disengaged position (all the way back). The PTO does spin but I haven’t yet hooked anything up to it because I am afraid that the PTO isn’t fully engaged and will put too much stress on the clutch. Any idea why the lever won’t stay all the way forward when I engage the PTO? Thanks in advance! Dan
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