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  1. Thanks guys y'all nailed it.. Was the wire between the button and they safety switch.
  2. Safety switch has been bypassed and wired together. No voltage there. Gonna ck the wire from the button to the clutch.
  3. I was changing out the fuse holder on the dashfor my lights earlier. When I was putting it back together the wire to the cigarette lighter shorted out and burned up. Melted the insulation off of it all the way to the back of the gauge it was wired to. I cut what was left of the wire off. Since then I cannot get the tractor to start by turning the key and pushing the button. I"ve checked the ignition switch its still good. I have power to the push button starter. When I push the button I have power across it. I don't have voltage to the small wire on the starter but I can jump the
  4. Figured it out.. Wire had burned off the back of that fuse. All lights came back on except for the fenders..
  5. Recently when I turned the key on my 966 white panel the entire switch would turn. So I loosened the right gauge panel and it allowed me just enough room to tighten it up. When i reached in with my wrench one time it caused an arc on the key switch. I got it tightened up and reassembled arc didn't seem to effect anything. Now my lights wont work. No instruments, no headlights, no fenders no nothing. I removed the fuel tank cover to get to the back of the instrument panel. I cannot find any wires disconnected or blown fuses. I have 6v to the due north/battery pole of the 4 posi
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