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  1. Snoshoe, where did you find that part in stock? My local CNH dealer said it was no longer available. Thanks.
  2. Hi all, I'm working on the steering box on my 650 . The steering shaft has two ball bearings on it, 15 balls loose on each end. The race is part #52965V in the parts book but not available from CNH. Has anyone re done one of these steering boxes and did you find the races? My lower race is toast! I've checked around local parts stores with no luck. Thanks for any advice!
  3. The float is in rough shape on my starting carb on my 650 tractor. I find needle and seat replacement parts but no floats. Anyone know where to get one or make a replacement out of cork or some other materials?? Thanks. Ron
  4. Great, thanks for the info!
  5. I pulled a #70 plow out of the bush from my grandfather's farm. Got it all moving again and I want to restore it and paint it. The rear wheel and hub have been swapped out somewhere along the way. What size of rim and bolt pattern hub should be on it? I got an owner's manual for it but it doesn't say anything about that. Guess I'd need a parts manual for that. Thanks. Ron
  6. Hope this helps! This is from the carb kit on my 53 SW4. Ron
  7. Outside diameter of the sleeve is .820 , inside .748. Sleeve is thin of course and my buddy with the lathe made it out of aluminum because he says it keeps its shape better when this thin. I'm going to put a little lock tight around the outside of the sleeve before installing it into the pump housing. I'm making all my own gaskets. Hopefully it works! Seal was around 8$ Canadian funds! Ron
  8. Needed the seal for the primary pump input shaft. Matched one up at the local parts store. Outside diameter was a little small so made a sleeve to make it work. Hopefully this stops the fuel from mixing with the oil in the pump. It's on a 1958 650 international tractor.
  9. How did the rebuilt pump work? Where did you get it from? I have the same problem with a B pump on my 1957 international 650 tractor. Ron
  10. Thanks for the replys. I was thinking it would be the front seal but wasn't sure if it could go anywhere else. I've been trying to sorce a seal with no luck locally so far.
  11. Hi everyone, I have a problem with the oil in my injection pump disappearing. I change the oil in the pump, and after running the tractor a few hours the oil level is low and I have to top it up. Its on a 53 Super WD9. no external leak, eng runs fine and strong. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks, Ron
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