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  1. No...I haven't had time to make the calls during the day yet, but I tried a couple generic searches and I only found the same endless blogging as before. There's the couple of pictures of the unit apart...and couple guys talking about taking one apart, and 475 paragraphs of utter fluff mixed in to make it impossible to wade thru. So far...not a single picture that depicts where said 'injection plunger reservoir screen' is.
  2. I'll give him a call...but from what I've found so far...most of those guys are SO pleased with their abilities and references, that they prefer not to share advice...but the "service" they provide is Top Shelf...like a liquor store. Hopefully he'll be willing to give advice!
  3. Yes, well....these blog things really aren't too useful usually...esp with crappy search abilities, and the endless haggling and horn-tooting that one has to read thru in order to excavate the fluff to find the gold that may or may not be there.... ...oh well...price of scrap IS climbing again.
  4. I'm not looking to send it out...I'm merely asking for advice to access the screen that's likely plugged. Is advice possible?
  5. I've bought an MD that was built into a grader, and I'm needing help to disassemble the inj pump to check the screen at the plunger reservoir inlet . Previous owner collapsed a secondary fuel filter and we think that sent debris in and the pump just has zero pump shot. Pump is off...its the IH pump, not Bosch. Any help would be great...I need to get the ol boy rolling for some driveway maintenance.
  6. It's the IH pump. Like I said in my post..."disassemble"...not troubleshoot. It ran fine at a get together last summer, and then a week later when he was going to unload it, the FI pump wouldn't deliver fuel. I'm really only needing to figure out how to access the fuel screen on the plunger resevoir. DK
  7. This is my Meili-Blumberg grader conversion on an MD. I picked it up pretty cheap as it only ran on gas. The previous owner has me convinced that it's just a clogged screen in the injection pump. Its gonna be a useful tool for keeping up on our miles and miles of gravel and dirt roads on our 1,200 acre Ranch here in Western Oregon. I'm needing help figuring out how to disassemble the injection pump and I'm interested in any history that anyone knows about these machines. I understand that this one was sitting in a field in central Oregon for years and years before the most recent owner purchased it.
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