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  1. G'day, Is is possible for the Hydraulic Oil to end up in the sump? Not positive yet but I have a sneaking suspicion the Hydraulic Oil is going down and the Engine Oil is going up.... Cheers
  2. G’day Folks, Thanks all for the help. Compression over 300 on all cylinders. Checked timing by spill method. Found it was out by 14 degrees. Adjusted to 20 BTDC and it started without any ether like a new one. Ran with hardly a puff of smoke. I’m very pleased and couldn’t have done it without this forum. Thanks again. Cheers StevieJ
  3. Thanks England806, Yes, odd. I think that’s means that those 2 cylinders are not firing.the white smoke I took to indicate fuel that had not burnt. It’s an in-line fuel injector. I’m not not sure exactly how to adjust the timing, but gather it may be a case of loosening the pump bolts and rotating it a few degrees? Cheers SteveiJ
  4. G’day, Nothing is too obvious. But your right, they are difficult to get wrong without bending the pipes. That being said, I compared to a few pics and they are ok. Ive checked and rechecked the valves clearances ensuring I was at TDC on the compression stroke. So am very confident they are good. Would be nice if it just worked tho, it’s getting frustrating. Cheers steve.
  5. G'day and Thank You Jim, I'm now certain I have them set correctly. It is still very hard to start, runs rough and punches out lots of white smoke. It occasionally sounds like it fires up the exhaust. There is some black liquid, which i assume is un-burnt fuel coming out the exhaust. I can crack injector pipe 3 and 4 with out it changing note (defs fuel there though), however when I crack 1 or 2 if definitely runs worse. I've moved the injectors around and it doesn't make a difference so assume its not the issue. Its further back down the line. I'm moving on to checking out the fuel injection system. I've emptied the fuel tank, flushed and refilled. Next I will check the timing. Seems like a difficult operation but I need to find the issue soon, I've got plenty of work lined up for the old girl. Cheers Steve
  6. G’day All, Having trouble getting my engine to start and run well after putting new rings in it. lots of white smoke, hard to start and runs rough. If I put the front pulley on TDC does it automatically mean it’s on the “compression stroke”? or does pass TDC a number of times before that? cheers steve
  7. Well done, I’ve got similar probs. I just hope like heck I don’t need to go as far as you. did you ever definitively find out if the marks on the pump and idler gears should line up when at TDC every time? Cheers Steviej (Australia)
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