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  1. Where can I get manuals for this plow? I have had the plow out and it seems to work ok. It is not set up right but close. Thanks and Happy Fathers Dad to all the Dads out there
  2. I would like to return it to original and paint it, if it is worth it. it does/did work. I got into a stump or roots and it took effort but went through them. Later on the middle coulter stem broke. Had it welded up again. Just had it welded up and waiting to try it. It looks like the coulter set on a old moline plow I have there also.
  3. I just got a new (to me) 3 bottom plow made by Intetnational. I am hoping someone can tell me what model the plow is and where I can get some parts. Numbers stamped on the middle beam are P012572. On the furrow side P017184. And the land side is P013813. The middle coulter was replaced with a different one from another plow, and the hitch was converted to a straight hitch so there is no release. I would appreciate any help and information Brad
  4. I recently purchased a pull style 3 bottom plow. I do not know the model of the plow and some fast repairs have been done. I would like to get it back to original if I can. The 3 beams have numbers stamped on them. The furrow or right beam is P017184. The middle beam number P012572. And the land side or left beam number is P013813. I know the middle coulter assy was changed and does not match the other two. The stem is broke, so I will need the complete assy. Also the hitch has been modified to a solid hitch and that will need to be replaced with a different one. I appreciate any help I can get. Brad
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