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    Hi! I'm a Canadian living on the Great Plains. I have got myself a '79 Cargostar that sat with vandalized windows since '04. Desperately need master cylinder or at least a kit. One of your members spoke of Rock Auto and quoted a number but that number doesn't want to come up even in the comprehensive cat for that supplier (Centrix or?). Can anyone help?
  2. Mudhen

    1st post

    Hello. I am a Canadian living on the Great Plains north of Minot ND/ Plentywood Mt. I've got hold of a '79 Cargostar that's been sitting since '04. Gotta get a master cylinder or at least a kit. A member got his from Rock Auto although it may have been one for the clutch but mounted the same. Anyway I tried to use the number he gave (136.830003. ) but even the comprehensive Centric cat. didn't show it. Can someone help?
  3. Friend, I desperately need that same mastercylinder but when I enter that number on the RockAuto part# search box I find no Centric #s like that. What amI doing wrong? You mentioned you looked up another fellow's part and got a different BUT SIMILAR (136**) number. I don't see any way to look up an application for a heavy truck.
  4. Apologies for posting in the wrong place.
  5. Hello to all. This is my first post on this forum. I just got an old 1710 B Cargostar that has sat since 2004 with glass vandalized. As a result cab was exposed to the weather and the brake mastercylinder is toast. Where can I get a replacement? Where I am in western Canada there is no availability even for a kit. Can anybody help? Thanks!
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