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  1. I took the cover off today and found this hidden behind the dash/instrument panel. Luckily the part I needed is still attached.
  2. I've seen them in various places. I just don't know enough yet to know what might work on mine or not. I saw a cool looking tractor one day and it sort of ended up at my house somehow. I've never owned or worked on anything bigger than a riding mower before. Thanks for the links. I will check them out.
  3. I tried the part number but I only got one result that said discontinued. Still looking. Thanks for the warm welcome!
  4. My 400 came with quite a few missing parts. Most notably the choke cable. I purchased a choke cable and then realized the connector that holds it on the choke lever was also missing. I have checked around and it does come with a rebuild kit for around $70-$80 but I don't need to rebuild the carb. So i went looking for the part I need, and was quite shocked by the cost which is higher than the entire carb kit. Should I try to find a salvage one or does anyone know of a universal one that might fit. I looked at a few but none of them look similar. Also hello, I'm just an evil spam bot (not really) making my first post here.
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