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  1. Nice pics!...a couple I took
  2. Happened down here....sold most of my machinery
  3. I like the fenders kevin!!....its hard to beat a 12....this is mine after losing brakes and steering
  4. I don't miss filling silos....the worst was alfalfa....
  5. Carlstroms corn across the rd from the cemetery in sinclairville...
  6. No longer have that one regrettably....sold it back then for a 3588
  7. Helping neighbors out back in '96 with my 10....i was 21 I think
  8. My 15 I had when I farmed in New York....
  9. That's interesting...we dairy farmed it My whole life there...my brother still is at it on our dad and granddads farms....Mr Oakes got into selling land and timber before he had his heart attack....
  10. It's mostly good kevin...with a few speed bumps...no longer in the dairy
  11. I used to live in sinclairville ny...i bet you live on the old firth farm...i lived on the Oakes farm...now live in cottondale fl....we mainly have cottonmouth and a few rattlers
  12. Very nice welds!
  13. There are too many grey areas....too many unanswered questions...too much slight of hand going on
  14. What they said.....rare tractor
  15. Sometimes I like them sideways
  16. My old neighbors in western New York run a 100 cow dairy and still use elwoods full time...two 1066mfd...and my old 1586mfd that I sold them when I moved to Florida. The man that bought my 1586 new also had a 1566mfd and a 1086mfd. He pulled a 3row 1250 gehl with the 1586. When it got muddy he would hook the 10 and the other 15 up to the front, had a special hitch on the front that ran a cable down to the drawer so as not to pull on the frontend.
  17. My brother had a hydro 186 with an Elwood and a loader...quite the animal....it also had a turbo
  18. Ih crazy.... Very nice pics.... I had a 5288mfd and really was my favorite bigger horse tractor... Even more than the 1586mfd I had at the time... Do you still use the harvestore???
  19. Yes cottondale has a restaurant, and it's pretty good too
  20. I live in the panhandle, just below Alabama near Marianna,FL...we moved down from western NY in 2017 for dairy farming...been doing it my whole life. We really like it here. The people are laid back down to earth and friendly..yes it gets hot in the summer, but you seem to get used to it much like you do the cold... I'm not going back north
  21. It's impressive that you do all of this work and still find time for your kids....very nice
  22. I ran them on the front....made a world of difference digging out of silage piles
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