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  1. I would take it...looks low hr....we all have a pile of someday projects,...no shame in adding to them, it will keep the kids busy sorting through it someday🤔🤔
  2. I miss dairy farming with my dad....we milked 65 cows in a tie stall....for years our big tractor was a ford 5000 with m&w turbo....dad passed 4 years ago....you don't appreciate the good old days til they're gone
  3. That's kinda what I was thinking....but wanted some opinions
  4. I am wondering if a 560 wide front is compatible with a 1256 front end?
  5. It will be interesting if and or how will things will change after the election
  6. My brother had a 740...he really liked it...his had the endless belts,which were nice...his had the crop cutter also
  7. My brother dairy farms in western New York...His pay price was $12 last month...i don't understand how or where this will end up...the stress on the farmers is unbelievable
  8. My brother is still running an 8312.... he's had it over 21 years now.. very tough machine
  9. My wife came with one horse...now we have six🤔
  10. The whole world is going off the deep end....way too many "sheeple" anymore😷
  11. Thank you for the replies....my wife watched it happen..I don't know why I stayed on, had a knight spreader hooked up as well...and as far as I know the 3 pt and hyds work...I hit a large pile of hurricane Michael debris...this happened last year, I just haven't been able to get to it yet
  12. Thanks for the reply... luckily only thing hurt was my tractor... had to haul it home with my Ford 4000...it used to do this some when I was snowblowing...I moved to the panhandle from western New York 3 yrs ago
  13. Hi y'all, been following this forum for a long time and finally joined...I have a problem with my 1256.Lost steering, brakes, and freewheeling....Put me in the ditch and sheared the front end off going down the road...Do I first look into the mcv pump??...any help would be greatly appreciated...thanks!
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