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  1. The mooches sure show up when you have a heated shop for the first time. It's a ruff life.
  2. A couple of service trucks off a facebook page I'm on.
  3. My dogs are picky on who they bark at. UPS is evil even though he is a good guy. FedEx is awesome because he has treats. Mailman is nothing to them. They won't even get up. Random vehicles that pull in. I guess it depends on mood. For some reason the propane truck which is only here twice a year they could care less about. They definitely do not like when people on foot walk down the county road.
  4. Sure can next time I'm out there. I've got a 1066 coming into the shop Wednesday I'll get you too.
  5. Looking for a steering issue in the MCV and checking pressures. 1066 is not but I think the 4156 is.
  6. I was out on a service call this morning on a 1566 and snapped some pictures of some of the other relics around the place. 4156 was used to move trailer houses in a previous life. 4786 has a locked up engine, 1466 is a parts tractor, and the 1066 needs the rear tires from the 1466. My guess is the weeds will keep growing up around all of them.
  7. I spent the day working the neighbors annual bull and female sale. They sold 80 bulls and 120 cows and heifers. I did not get to hear to much on prices but it sounded like everything sold well. It is a pretty neat deal with an all volunteer force of neighbors and friends. I work the final sort before the alley and help with loadout. As usual the bulls went easy but the females sometimes were troublesome.
  8. Here is info I found on a ford truck site. Once the filter adapter is removed........right hand thread. The heater comes out as a whole but has two halves. Remove the complete stainless and plastic parts by pushing down (in) on the neck part that protrudes from the filter header. You will now see a shiny stainless half and a plastic half, you will be able take the two halves apart carefully. There is a stainless spade connector protruding through the plastic neck. This is the connector to the heater wire on the top side of the filter header. On the spade connector there is a (l
  9. I agree. We were actually looking for the previous body style used but wound up with a new one instead. I don't regret it as the 6.6 is way better than the 6.0 Its growing on me and it will get a ranch hand bumper at some point to cover up that front end a little. My neighbor bought a 3500 dually with the gas that I just put a bale bed on and he is using as a farm truck/daily driver. He is running around 14mpg on the farm. My farrier bought a 2500 last month and pulling his farrier trailer gets 14-15, empty 15-16.
  10. Don't forget about GM's 6.6 gasser. We bought one in July in a 2020 2500HD crewcab and I'm impressed. Gets 15-16 daily driving and in a 400 mile trip with the horse trailer, two horses hay and other stuff we averaged 11. My 2010 3500HD with the 6.0 never got better than 13 or so empty and now that it's my service truck loaded with tools it runs around 10. The power is better too. I never could run cruise pulling trailers with the 2010 but this one I can.
  11. We must have the same guy here. He grazes everything to the dirt and the dirt washes off the rocks and all that's left is rock. I call it the rock farm as that's the only thing raised there. I have no idea how he gets cattle bred with as poor as them and the bulls look all year. Calves are out just about every time you drive by eating in the road ditch which I can't blame them. Better than starving. He does feed hay and silage but obviously not enough. I usually grain fatten 2-3 head out every year. I haven't had to buy beef in several years and I'd like to keep it that way.
  12. I normally cap as I like the cleaner look to but the place I bought posts from this time didnt have any. I'll get some and put them on later.
  13. '47 CJ2A with a 3A windshield frame. She is very rusty but good mechanically. I've got a good 3B frame for it but is going to need a tub kit before that happens. Dad has had it since '77 and never had a place to keep it indoors. At one time the block in town where I grew up had our CJ2A, a CJ3A, and another CJ2A as well as another CJ3A down the street a little ways. Ours definitely saw the most use though.
  14. I finished up a little fencing project this morning while waiting on parts. I tore out a lot late winter beside where I built my shop and I've not been able to run any cattle up next to the road since. I moved the fence back into the pasture to leave room for the new entrance I made to make equipment dropoff easier. We still have some lot fence around this place to tear out and put in new and it is all pretty rotten but we are making a dent in things.
  15. I run a JD 535 with a silage kit. Previous owner baled alot of baleage with it. I've baled triticale and sudan baleage with it. I have run side by side with a Case IH RB454 silage baler and I kept up. It makes a nice bale.
  16. I had a very similar issue with the main clutch cable on a McCormick MTX. Sometimes you could not push the pedal in and the crimp on the cable was catching on the sleeve on the spool. Very similar cable setup to your magnum. I installed a new cable and all was good. The crimp was catching on reference #11 on the diagram CIHTECH posted.
  17. We went trail riding down in Arkansas over the weekend. It's all national forest along the the Buffalo River and Big Creek and several smaller creeks. We absolutely love riding here and the terrain and challenging riding is awesome. We camp at a private campground that is off grid and surrounded by national forest. The people are great and it's just a good time. We don't ride with groups and do our own thing including getting turned around and almost lost sometimes but that's what makes it fun. We covered 15 or 16 miles Friday and 10 Saturday. It may not seem like alot but it is rough terrain.
  18. I like it. Haven't heard that one before either. I'm blessed with a really good local classic rock station and every now and then they play their entire music library from A-Z or Z-A. You get to hear a good variety.
  19. https://www.abc12.com/2020/09/13/huron-co-sheriff-teen-hunter-killed-in-freak-accident-involving-corn-chopper/ Bad deal.
  20. Well I got the shop mostly finished up this weekend. I still have some shelving to build for some tools and install the heater and exhaust fan but I can use it now. It ain't big but it's nice and a whole lot better than what I had.
  21. I wear Red Kap button up shirts for working. I'm pretty sure the Wife orders them from www.workingperson.com. they hold up really well for me and I'm hard on clothes.
  22. I was finally able to work on my shop again over this three day weekend. I have had customer tractors in it constantly since the last post. Pulled the last tractor out last week and promised myself nothing was coming back in until I was done. I've got plenty of road calls for a couple weeks anyhow. We put all the wall insulation up and liner metal. I'm so glad it's done. The old crooked existing buildings made it a challenge putting the metal in. Every single piece was a different length. There is still plenty to do before I can move in permanent but I can see the end.
  23. Poor old 966 didn't even make the picture. I guess we will have to wait til winter snowfalls with the Gnuse bucket. Glad you got it all wrapped up. Mine are all cleaned up and in the barn. Minus the 806. I use it almost daily.
  24. Tilt the bed and lock it or crib it up. I did this one in a creek bottom pasture after we unloaded it. I used ratchet straps to get it up high enough to get it with a tractor and loader. Exchanged it for a rebuilt unit and dropped it in.
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