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    The cattle thread

    I'm back in the hills of Missouri now but I lived in northeast Nebraska for awhile. We pastured most of the 1000 pairs 1-2 hours west of the main farm and feedlot in the edge of the sandhills. Brought them home in the fall and to the calving pastures in February. Then out to pasture when calving was done. Raised corn soybeans and hay back on the home place. Mostly all center pivot irrigated. Weaned calves and fattened our own and bought calves for our 1000 head feedyard. Feedyard was one of my responsibilities as I lived there. That's how things were done there. Around where I live now in this area of Missouri pastures and hay ground are mixed with woods and are considerably smaller patches but it is definitely cattle country just a different way than Nebraska.
  2. WishIhada1466

    The cattle thread

    Our first calf born on our place last October. It was a long time coming starting from scratch but things are coming together. Neighbors cows that I take care of as well as my heifers enjoying last weeks polar vortex. Last calf out of my heifers. Momma wasn't to keen on nursing but she came around now she is a great mother. Heifers with our little girl shortly after we bought them. 700 bred cows we trailed 15 miles to calving pasture when I worked on a Ranch in Nebraska. That's me on the palomino. Wife treating a calf for me in Nebraska Feeding calves in Nebraska Loading out fats in Nebraska.
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    756 power beyond?

    https://www.batescorp.com/529910r93-hyd-remote-valve-open-faced.html That valve will work or a 383267R92 will work as well. Both open sided valves.
  4. WishIhada1466

    756 power beyond?

    Your Ebay link is not a remote valve. That is the right hand seat support and where the hydraulic supply comes in. You need two open on both side inner valves. 66 series remote valves fit just like 56 and 06 series if I'm not mistaken. I believe the only difference is some are rated for higher pressure in the 66 series. Not 100% on that. I just swapped my outer with an inner on my 806 and am in the process of making a power beyond plate.
  5. WishIhada1466

    Best work boots. For the price

    I own three pairs of boots. Work boots are Double H 1592 steel toe work western. Made in USA. I wont get a year out of them but I've never had a pair of daily use boots make it a year. I'm hard on boots and every brand or style I've tried has worn out in a different way. The 1592's wear out on the inside about the same time they start throwing heels. Nice boots are Double H Buckaroos and a pair of Muck chore boots for the deep sh...stuff.
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    Barn pictures

    Here is my barn. I dont remember the exact dimensions but it's good size. It has lean to's on three sides. Nice big loft.
  7. WishIhada1466

    Chevy transmission

    It should be a SM 465 if it's a 4 speed. I cant find any evidence of any other 4 speed in 1990. It will be a cast iron case with PTO covers on each side and an aluminum top cover. The 5 speed will be all aluminum.
  8. WishIhada1466

    New Navistar trucks

    From what I've read the gas engine is supposed to be 6.6 liter as well. One of my fellow techs at work was previously a truck and medium duty tech at a Chevy dealer and they sold a lot of medium Chevy trucks through the years. He said when GM discontinued them that was the stupidest thing they ever did. They had so many fleets running them it made no sense.
  9. WishIhada1466

    Chevy transmission

    I dont believe it is a square body. It would be the 88-98 body style. I have seen a couple IFS 3/4 tons with the aluminum top SM465 that had a 4th gear switch to signal the ECM for cruise. Last year for a 465 was 91. I believe the light duty transmission you are referring to in a half or heavy half would be the 5 speed HM290 or 5LM60. They were light duty and basically junk when broke. Aluminum case with integral bellhousing.
  10. WishIhada1466

    New Navistar trucks

    That's the new GM medium duty body. It appears they are running the Duramax and Allison combination as well.
  11. WishIhada1466

    Chevy transmission

    Plenty of them used to be in squarebody gas Chevy pulling trucks back when gas pullers were more popular. They usually weren't the weak link. Like Dale said they were in alot of medium duty GM trucks in the 70's and 80's. I've used several fairly hard and haven't broke one. Eventually they get worn and they will pop out of 3rd under load. That can be fixed though.
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    The Dog Thread

    Ruger is the black one. Dakota is the brown and black, and Ace is the beagle. Ruger and Dakota are really good dogs. They are a best buds. Ace is a more recent addition and mostly useless but our daughter likes him and he is good with her so he stays. In the pic with Ruger and Dakota on the bales they were up there waiting for more rats to run out of the bales while I was moving them. They were having a blast killing rats and I was having fun watching. They double teamed a coon and all but killed it one day and did the same thing with a coyote once as well. Best dogs I've ever had.
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    I myself like subway. My subs come out of there stuffed so full they cant get it closed. I pile all the veggies on and I like bread. Usually get tuna or chicken bacon ranch. I like most all fast food joints as long as it is prepared decent. Culvers is by far my favorite. Usually only eat fast food 2 maybe 3 times a month so it's kind of a treat. I love food though and I'm far from picky.
  14. WishIhada1466

    Any Sources for Shaft Mount Radio for Deluxe Cab

    https://www.classiccarstereos.com/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIkIuJ-qSA4AIVSrjACh29yQdJEAAYASAAEgIrzvD_BwE I put one of these in a 73 Chevy pickup a few years back. Worked great.
  15. WishIhada1466

    Did see PBS nature evolution of the Horse 🐎

    Ours are never stalled. The are either in pasture or dry lot with room to move so I cant really say either way. We do have one inside right now due to a cut on his hoof. Trying to keep him out of the mud. He still has more room than a typical stall.
  16. WishIhada1466

    Did see PBS nature evolution of the Horse 🐎

    We have a similar protocol to you in the spring. They do eventually stay out a full day and come in at night otherwise the just get fat. We do not feed anything but quality grass/red clover mix either. Same thing our cows get. We have only ever had one horse colic but we saved him. That was when we lived in Nebraska and kept the horses on a sandy patch and are pretty sure it was sand colic.
  17. WishIhada1466

    Beef hanging weight

    Our butcher does it day of kill. Then we have the weight to tell who ever is buying the meat so we can get paid.
  18. WishIhada1466

    Great service from Super Scout Specialists Inc

    I bought a set of IH mudflaps from them a few years back. Shipped UPS and never showed up. Called Super Scout and they got in contact with UPS and they never were found. They sent me a replacement set at no cost to me. They didn't have to do that but that's great customer service.
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    My New Year`s wish

    I'd duet.
  20. WishIhada1466

    Saving Money

    It makes it even harder to squirrel away money if in addition to regular bills you are attempting to start a cattle farm from scratch. I'm buying old worn out equipment because I have the ability to fix it and high quality cattle. My wife and I made the most we ever have this year but it doesnt feel like it. We have some money in savings but not what we should. Credit cards are paid off monthly but it's all a struggle.
  21. WishIhada1466

    Doesn't this belong to a board member?

    My neighbors son is the president and COO for Tractor Supply. Good hard working fella. Certainly not a farm boy but has been on and performed farm work. He grew up in the city but spent time on the family farm which his parents eventually inherited. I help take care of his Mothers cattle and farm. They are very good people. I dont use TSC much as their isn't one very close. Just like every other farm store they have to adapt to survive. I told his Mom today to tell him to keep using IH tractors in their ads. Maybe they can use my 806 next time lol.
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    Another good oldie came on today

    My Wife drug me to see Sammy Kershaw at Ohiya Casino in Niobrara, Nebraska when we lived up there a few years ago. I'm an 85 model and she is an 89 so we are still young MTO. It was real cold and windy that night( northeast Nebraska what's new ) and Sammy asked if the wind always blew like that. It was a neat concert. Just some chairs set up in a side room. He told several stories between songs. He hates modern country by the way. He used to build Walmart stores before getting a record deal and even went back to it after a slow time in his music career. He seemed like a real down to earth guy. He sang " Its a Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong and sounded just like him. Needless to say I was glad my Wife drug me there that night.
  23. WishIhada1466

    Buying parts these days.... for anything

    Unless it is a part I need immediately or it requires a core I buy all my auto parts from Rock Auto. Most of the time I can get oem or name brand online for what store brand costs locally. I would prefer to buy parts local but most of the time funds are an issue and I need to save as much as possible.
  24. WishIhada1466

    I like these retro paint look

    I love the retro paint jobs on the newer trucks. I dont understand why all the new trucks have be solid colors and unless you order one you dont get many choices in color with whats on the dealer lot. I used be a little anti new truck but I love my 2010 Silverado 3500 4x4 crew cab long bed with the 6.0 gas. It took me awhile to find that combination without a diesel. I wouldn't be without a crewcab with a family but I do prefer the looks of a regular cab. Sometimes you need to do truck stuff and have extra people with you so the whole if I wanted a crewcab I would buy a car thing doesnt fly with me. I also have a 1979 Chevy K20 4 speed and I love it. I drive it when I need my old truck fix or fencing and running errands. I like having them both and wouldn't trade either of them.
  25. WishIhada1466

    Snowed in, church cancelled, farm pics please!

    Oh how I miss Nebraska.