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  1. I went and picked up these two 400's today. The complete one is the first tractor my brother and I ever drove. My uncle owned it for many years. He has got to where he doesn't use it anymore and couldn't see just leaving it sit in the shed forever so I shot him a price and he took it. It had been sitting a year without being started and she fired right up and runs just like I remembered. The other is a parts machine my brother picked up. He did not have a use for it so I drug it home too. I still have the engine and miscellaneous parts to pick up for it. Its going to be nice having it around. It makes an excellent raking tractor. I know the correct police won't like the Oliver fenders or white grill but thats tough ****. Those fenders have been on there since I can remember. Story was they went to a salvage yard to by IH flattops and they were about twice the money of the Oliver's. I did round up some factory frame weights for that I'll stick on this winter sometime. She needs a little TLC but it will have to wait for winter. The shop is too busy right now.
  2. I've got an 856 I'm doing an overhaul on currently. The only kits available for the 361-407 anymore are Reliance or Absolute. I checked FP Diesel, Mahle, and FelPro for parts before settling on Absolute. I could get some but not all bearings from Mahle but nothing available anymore from the others including Fel Pro.
  3. That makes them easier to take off when they are broke. Looks like you are on fairly level ground as well. I've put many a track back on in the woods on a hillside.
  4. Yeah. Customer has an MTX 155 with the Perkins and the MTX 135's with 6.7's they have can spank it no problem.
  5. An MX or a late MTX with the 6.7 would be my preference. Not real fond of the Perkins powered MTX's.
  6. Many transmission/pto parts interchange between the Case IH MX and McCormick MTX. Cab parts also interchange on the earlier MTX. Original MTX's were built in the same Doncaster plant as European MX's. Later MTX's were built in Italy. Earlier MTX's were Perkins powered while later ones were powered with the 6.7. I see several MTX's through my repair business. Mostly later restyled. I usually try to get Case IH parts when I can. Pretty easy to do with transmission parts. McCormick parts tend to run higher and take longer to get. Their parts depot it is Georgia and if it isn't there then its in Italy.
  7. I was to the left in the video a little ways but saw it happen. At least he made it out of the corn before it happened.
  8. I was hoping to see that setup run but we were over watching the horses cultivate check row corn and missed it. Got back over there and they were done with beans.
  9. Yes it is. Along with the 1206 prototype thats here.
  10. I've got some adds like that as well. They are at Mom and Dads right now or I would grab a picture. I have spent alot of time behind the wheel of Dads '47 CJ2A. I had a '65 CJ5 for awhile too. It had the Buick V6.
  11. The last two years ('01-'02) of U.S. production of the 1.5 tons like mine were available with the 6.5 or the 8.1. They continued production of them in Mexico until 06. Still with the 88-98 body style. I feel pretty fortunate to have happened across this one. Only has 71,000 miles and came with a John Deere welder compressor generator combo and an Onan 7000 Efi generator that is wired to various outlets scattered around the box.
  12. My 2020 Chevy 2500HD with the 6.6 gas and 6L90 sure tows better than my 2010 3500HD 6.0 with 6L90 ever did. Pulled a gooseneck with it all day today. Delivered a tractor, picked up two more, then went after a load of steel, unloaded it then went after an SVL90 skid steer. Went over 3 mountain passes in July with a load of horses. I love it. Mine is one step above a work truck. We Have a GM dealer nearby that tends to stock alot of plain jane work trucks as well. Customer of mine has a 7.3 gas ford. Loves it. I do know if I could afford a new service truck it would be a 7.3 Gas powered F550. Instead I just upgraded last week from my 2010 to a 2002 Chevy C3500HD with the 8.1 and 4L80.
  13. I'll be there Thursday and Friday. Headed home on Saturday. It will be my first HCOP. Really looking forward to it.
  14. Its been awhile since this topic has been dug up. Couple of pictures of my Daughter that my Wife had done when we did family pictures. She sure loves her horse Copper. The rest are from our vacation to Colorado we just returned from. We rode from 10000'-12600' and crossed the Continental Divide.
  15. Yeah that is the crane I posted about. Glad I got it when I did. Made working on that quad a whole lot nicer. It had a leaking axle seal. That planter went back together way better than expected. The pictures don't do the hill justice.
  16. Thanks guys. This right here still amazes me. Even the simplest things sometimes. Some people genuinely don't have time, some have no business touching anything, and some are lazy. All pays the same.
  17. I have been at this self employed thing almost a 2 years now and haven't had a sign out by the road yet. My Wife thought it was time and surprised me with this one on Fathers Day. I finally had a chance to put it up tonight. Now I can tell customers to look for the sign instead of look for all the equipment setting around when they drop stuff off. I look back on summer of '19 when I took the chance and went out on my own and how scary it was to now scheduling work a month or better out because there is just so much of it. Phone is ringing all the time. Im tempted to hire someone but not sure I want to go there. Already out growing my shop and my truck but they will both have to do for the time being. So far its been a good ride. I haven't had much time to take many pictures lately but here are a few since everyone likes pictures.
  18. There will be a transfer case hanging from the bottom of the transmission and the solenoid should be on the right hand side behind a guard. Im pretty sure the MFD clutch pack in these is spring applied and hydraulically released. Solenoid has to be powered to release clutch pack.
  19. Going for the first time this year. Ive wanted to several times in the past but I am making it a point this year.
  20. Customer of mine just put a straight drawbar on his 5088 for the same reasons. Works just fine. I believe he got his from Cook Tractor in Clinton, MO.
  21. This younger fat boy has had enough of it too. Been on service calls most all week and barely been in the shop where there is a fan. Spent most of the last two days mowing hay on my open station tractor. Still have a full day baling with it tomorrow and then another week of road calls. O well it is summer after all. I don't have to like it just have to put up with it.
  22. I found this OTC 6000lb engine hoist with engine leveler on facebook marketplace. Got it grabbed for $1200. Pretty happy with it. Retails new for $16000 and the leveler is $1300. Seller did plug it in this morning to make sure the electric pump still worked and it let the smoke out. I think I'm still plenty far ahead to buy a new motor. I dont have enough cieling height in the shop for an a frame and hoist so this should fill me needs.
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