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  1. Nice to see a neighbor, I live in Leslie, I just tell everyone Sullivan because more people know of it. I inquired about donating hay. Do you know if anyone I could contact. I would love to donate a load or two if someone could haul it.

    1. WishIhada1466


      Jimmy Zumwalt would probably be would you would need to contact about hay donations. I however don't have his contact info but I might be able to find it. Yeah we don't live to far apart.  Do you ever do business at Schaeperkoetters?

    2. WishIhada1466


      If things time out for their next trip out I could haul hay. I don't have a trailer though. Do you have one?

    3. Missouri Mule

      Missouri Mule

      I do have a trailer but I wouldn't trust the tires to go that far loaded that heavy. I cant see dropping $1600 to get this done at the moment. I haul everything locally just fine. Yes I deal with Schaeperkoetters quite often. Mostly with Luke and Kelvin at Owensville. I meant to pm you im not sure how I messaged through your profile??