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  1. My Wife drug me to see Sammy Kershaw at Ohiya Casino in Niobrara, Nebraska when we lived up there a few years ago. I'm an 85 model and she is an 89 so we are still young MTO. It was real cold and windy that night( northeast Nebraska what's new ) and Sammy asked if the wind always blew like that. It was a neat concert. Just some chairs set up in a side room. He told several stories between songs. He hates modern country by the way. He used to build Walmart stores before getting a record deal and even went back to it after a slow time in his music career. He seemed like a real down to earth guy. He sang " Its a Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong and sounded just like him. Needless to say I was glad my Wife drug me there that night.

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  2. Unless it is a part I need immediately or it requires a core I buy all my auto parts from Rock Auto. Most of the time I can get oem or name brand online for what store brand costs locally. I would prefer to buy parts local but most of the time funds are an issue and I need to save as much as possible. 

  3. I love the retro paint jobs on the newer trucks. I dont understand why all the new trucks have be solid colors and unless you order one you dont get many choices in color with whats on the dealer lot. I used be a little anti new truck but I love my 2010 Silverado 3500 4x4 crew cab long bed with the 6.0 gas. It took me awhile to find that combination without a diesel. I wouldn't be without a crewcab with a family but I do prefer the looks of a regular cab. Sometimes you need to do truck stuff and have extra people with you so the whole if I wanted a crewcab I would buy a car thing doesnt fly with me. I also have a 1979 Chevy K20 4 speed and I love it. I drive it when I need my old truck fix or fencing and running errands. I like having them both and wouldn't trade either of them. 

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  4. My Uncle has had one of those M37's for around 40 years. He used to push snow with it. Later it became a farm truck and now it just sits in a shed. It was repowered with a Chevy 327 many years ago. It was painted gray and we nicknamed it the "Gray Mare".

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  5. 10 minutes ago, Missouri Mule said:

    That’s kind of how I was until propane went through the roof one winter and I got low and called them to fill. Well I was at 15% when I called and they said it would be a few days to which I replied no problem. Well 5 days later I was calling and they tell me they would be there today while I hear the driver in the background say “I won’t get there today” laughing. Now I’m at 0% with 5* weather and wind blowing. I had to ruffle a whole bunch of feathers that day. I had another company ready to set a new tank and I was gonna take the skid loader and send the old one down the river. I called everyone including the ceo of MFA propane voicing my opinion even explaining I’d pay the drivers overtime. So in 5 days I still can’t get propane🧐. After that last call to ceo somehow magically the truck was in the driveway filling me up. That spring my name was on a list for a boiler. I decided that I wasn’t going to rely on anyone but myself to heat my home. 2 things I would do different. Buy my own tank #1. Yah it’s your baby if the regulator or whatever goes bad but you have the ability to call whoever whenever to fill it. #2 not let yourself get down to 15%, I guarantee anyone with propane has done it before. I was on a keep full program except they love to come fill it to the brim when it’s at its all time high. Now they offer prepay 🤷‍♂️

    I remember that propane rate hike well. We were living in Nebraska and were getting low on our 1000 gallon tank at the house. We managed to make it past the peak price and held off until it dropped a little and still only got a half fill but made it the rest of winter. I never let ours get below 20% in the winter. Usually fill it in late summer and once more in the winter sometime. I own my own tank but so far I've used the same propane company every refill. I kinda wish I had a 1000 gallon tank again. With this house I could get by filling once a year and buy it in the summer only.

  6. I grew up cutting wood most weekends in the fall in winter. Never minded it too much but once I left and didn't have to cut it I was good with that. Besides with the price of outdoor wood furnaces and everything needed and used in a season of cutting and the fact that I have better things to do or not to do at all I will keep burning propane and making brush piles with dead and down trees. Besides I like watching brush piles burn. I do however miss those smokey mornings when the smoke just lays around. Love that smell.

  7. I have switched to LT tires on my stock trailer after two ST tires with excellent tread and no cracking blew out within an hour of each other this summer. Tires were aired to the correct pressure and were Goodyears. It now has Falken truck tires. Tire guy I got them from showed me the difference in sidewall softness and flex between the ST and LT both in 10 ply and it was significant. He mentioned I would likely wear the tread off the new tires before they came apart unlike the ST. 

  8. Never been around a Corn Pro or Moritz. Been around 3 different Calico 12 foot bumper pulls and seem to be fair for lighter use. What about Titans? I have a Titan stock combo gooseneck and it's been a very good trailer. I believe they offer bumper pull stocks as well. One thing I really like over the Calico's is my Titan has a slam latch for the tailgate and smoother slider door in the tailgate.

  9. I have used wheel spacers with no problems in the past. I had 1.5" spacers between the duals on my '79 Chevy K30 in order to fit 36x12.50's side by side. Rode around loaded with tools and welding equipment at about 10,000 lbs. Later I removed all of that and it became a single wheel and due to the Dana 70hd rear being considerably wider than the front I took my left over spacers and installed them on the front to bring it out to match. Other than wearing the king pins in the Dana 60 prematurely it worked great.

  10. I just finished building this one this evening. I used an old but barely used For Most head gate. Added a slide gate to the rear. Left side swings open. The sides were made from existing 8' heavy corral panels. It is 110" long on the floor. 6' tall and 26" inside width. I should probably add some rebar to the floor but I didn't have any. 





  11. 41 minutes ago, jimw said:

     The rails could be fixed, welded. the hole in the block maybe braised. are the internals hurt? I probaly missed something here but come from the old school where anything can be fixed

    Looks repairable to me. Are those holes low enough to be below the water jacket? If so for a using tractor I sure wouldn't be afraid to try and weld it up. After all it's useless as it sits, what are you out throwing some weld at it. I've had excellent luck welding cast in the past. Frame rails are an easy fix.

  12. 1 hour ago, jingles1928 said:

    Son in law works for home depot in the tool rental dept. Told me some horror stories about people renting equipment and trying to haul a gas post hole digger in a Prius. That is just the tip of the iceberg. Tries to make suggestions and gets shot down because people know more than he does about loading things.


    You should see what my boss hauls in his Prius. He pulled down by my shop one day and asked us to help unload a bucket. Walk over to the Prius and he opens the lid and there is a 4 or 5 foot loader bucket in there. Another time we had to unload an extra heavy set of leaf springs for a fertilizer spreader truck.

  13. 1 minute ago, mmi said:

    Neat but what was the extremely limited audience goal in TS.....overall (waste) cost...?

    I know cidiot fair pays the bills,but when at this meeting ask him to add a farm section in the far back corner,and a 10 year old that can actually work the computer/phone and actually order some farm items ,tractor parts etc  not will not fit china %^#$^& that does not take 6 weeks or cost $$$$$ shipping

    It probably had to do with them being present at the stock exchange today. I was at his Mothers earlier discussing fertilizing some pasture tomorrow for her and she was really excited to show me pictures of her son at the NYSE. Tractor Supply is just following the money like every other chain farm store. I don't have one nearby to shop at.

  14. Appears to be a Marten. American Pine Marten maybe. I used to live in Northeast Nebraska and I watched our dogs kill one. I had to research it to figure out what it was. Only one I ever saw. I know they dogs sure let out a yelp when it latched on to their lips.

  15. If you are referring to a pto on 06-boxcar magnum then I just work them on with a straight pick. They will stretch but that's ok. I use a hose clamp to shrink them back down. I usually put this on first and then work on the rest o the unit while those are shrinking back up. Just be careful when you start tightening the hose clamp that the ring slips down in the groove. They will cut pretty easy when the hose clamp cinches down.

  16. I guess I'm the minority. I own mostly Craftsman tools. 90% of them are old enough to be USA made still. I make a living with my tools and even before I did I used them alot. I've had one ratchet rebuilt. It is a long handle 1/2" drive that has been used for things it shouldn't be. I've never had an issue with with warranty until I broke an 11/16 swivel socket 2 years ago. They no longer made them so they gave me a universal and 11/16 socket. I will say it sure sucks getting anything warranted now. Sears stores are few and far between now. If they have the tool it's made in China. I don't buy Craftsman much anymore. Snap On truck comes into work but the prices are too out of line. Im not going into debt to pay for tools. Certain tools I only buy high quality but others work well as cheap ones. I've been buying some Harbor Freight and have had good luck so far. Just have to be careful with what you buy. 

  17. 6 hours ago, ZachGrant said:

    Not something I wanted to hear... could you elaborate? 

    I work on quite a few CNH balers as we have sold more Case IH balers than any other dealer in Missouri the last couple years. They did screw up some things on the newest series balers. Mostly to do with the twine system and hay buildup in the belts. I have done the updates on several balers and anything built in 2017 on has all of those issues addressed. Our customers all seem to be happy with their red balers. We have an RB454 out there that see's a lot of baleage and never has the choppers knives retracted. Has had several rocks crushed in it as well and has held up well. I wouldn't hesitate on a CNH baler but I know them well. I will say that a NH 688 is probably the best one NH ever built. I completely overhauled one last year and they have no intentions of trading it. 

  18. 1 hour ago, Missouri Mule said:

    Been there plenty. That town hasn’t changed much at all. Cool pics.  They used to buy up a lot of old iron and repaint them and make them pretty nice. Do you ever get in on that deal?

    About the only thing changed is the bridge and highway moved. We don't do much of the fix up and sell anymore. Gets too expensive I think.