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  1. yeah i found the grease insert on the back side and then just noticed that fill tube up front i have a snowmobile can i use the gear lube i use for that?
  2. what kind of lube do i use for this snow thrower? thanks i’ll check all that out
  3. my 1872 is slow in reverse. I recently had the hydraulic pump and power steering rebuilt and it works good got it all set to take on the snow but i noticed reverse is really slow and i’m worried it will eventually not go in reverse. ignore the little mtd
  4. did you ever decide what to do? i have a command 18 i’m worried about seems to run hot and i haven’t figured out what’s going on
  5. thanks, i did change the line and filter i’ll get the carb looked at next had a neighbor look at my other carb a few years ago and i’ll see when he can look at it.
  6. another issue i noticed is after i mow for a while then shut it off for a little bit then get on it again it won’t run. Today i was mowing my neighbors and they came out and talked so i shut it off. Turned it back on and started to mow it lost power and quit. I have it sitting outside now hoping to finish before the rain . I got it started at full choke and limped it back. Any idea what would cause that?
  7. i like the grill i messed mine up thinking all chrome would be cool it was nice snowblowing at night the reflection projected more light out
  8. i bet the loader would be nice with the hydraulic set up it’s a shame i don’t have anything for the front hydraulic line i doubt i’ll put a plow on it cause that snowblower works nice i had a bolans before no cab and in michigan it just blows back in your face this one does as well and i just hit the wiper
  9. i have a book but it doesn’t have anything on the engine just the blower and cab setup tractor spec.com says sae30 in the summer but i’ve been using 10w30 full synthetic in that little 1315 for 10 years and it still runs good.
  10. i’ve had this cub for a year it’s a beast snow is no problem i’m not a professional painter but i knocked off what rust i could and painted her up to look half way decent. I want to use it. 700 hours i paid $650 for it i just want to make sure i’m doing the right job to maintain it. For some reason i thought 10w30 for summer and 5w 30 for winter. then i see sae30 now for summer. your thoughts on oil for the engine and i noticed a small leak from the steering column. hydraulic fluid level is good and clean i changed that filter as well. not the oil but topped it off. it’s mowed great but i mowed with it for a couple hours and it started to miss i parked it then went out the next day and it ran great. Since then i’ve been splitting up my mowing so i take it easy on it. your thoughts on marvel mystery oil? also leak out front around the front pulley i keep cleaning off. someone said just keep it clean and check the oil and it could probably run for years. it’s so nice with power steering just one finger steering and smooth doesn’t jump around. Was thinking if the engine does go i’ll just repower it. I can’t find a mechanic to take the engine apart and fix it. valves, seals, etc....general rebuild
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