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  1. Thanks for the question because I definitely want to get my info out there just in case it might help someone or help me troubleshoot my problem some more. ok so, after the tractor had set for approx. 3 weeks with no time to work on it. I needed to put some hay in the barn and didn’t have another tractor available so I fired it up thinking I would just run it like it was but to my surprise it started shifting perfectly but by the time I was almost finished (about an hour runtime) it was kicking out of gear a lot when I would turn sharp and especially when turning sharp and raising lo
  2. Tried this, if I take a zip tie and put around the switch at the clutch pedal and keep it closed, the tractor will shift fine. Only run it like this for a minimal amount of time.
  3. Ok finally tested some pressures, at 1700 rpm we have 330-430 psi at no demand; 2350 at dead headers remote and 1900-2050 at hard steer
  4. Ok just a little follow up, so I have put all 4 Pressure switches In and still does the same thing. Found a plug disconnected under their cover of the hydraulic pump plugged back together but still no change. Pressure test hose and gauge should be here this week and I’ll do some more diagnosing with it. side note- I can crank the tractor and keep the clutch depressed and shift through the powershift gears and I can hear them changing and light stays off but when the clutch is let out- it goes back to fault. Thanks to all who have replied, I’ll figure this out somehow. Don’
  5. Yes mine has a N position on the shuttle shift, have ordered the rest of the pressure switches. Ordered some fittings, hose and gauges to start diagnosing the hydraulic pressures. I’m not 100% sure what locations I actually need to check
  6. Ok first off thanks to the admins for the add, really believe this will be a great asset to my farm. I bought a case 5240 cab 2wd w/4400 hrs last year. now the PROBLEM- running the tractor last year it done great except if you turned to sharp and it would kick itself into neutral and the light flashes, a quick depress of the clutch and I was right back going with no light flashing afterwards . To my knowledge it done it in all gears. It was annoying but bearable. Well fast forward to a few days ago while I was spraying, the tractor kicked itself into neutral while turning (very
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