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  1. Thanks. Good advice. Im also hearing heavy grease to secure the o- rIng while in movement
  2. I started in on this to address an annoying constant leak from the pump. I have the IHC shop manual for the loader that shows the pump being lifted up and out after removing regulator valve assembly and its and support bracket, and disconnecting hoses to the clutch and removing range selector valve. I am on the range selector valve now. I know nothing about the range selector valve but I see it has 7 O-rings between it and the transmission case. The parts manual I have doesn't show what the back side of the range selector housing looks, and I am concerned that once removed, will I be able to get it back on with the rings lined up in place? I don't want to take it off and be at a point of no return. Can anyone comment as to how the O-rings attach to the back side of the range selector housing, and the likelihood that it can be reinstalled? thanks Richard
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