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  1. Hello, does anyone what type of oils I need for engine gearbox and hydraulics and rear axles ? I think they are separate ? thank you
  2. Hello, does anyone have a link to a 844xl service or operators manual ? recently bought the tractor and would like to read about the service if and oil requirments
  3. Hello, I’m looking for a new cab for my 574 would a 454 cab fit or is it too small? please help
  4. Hello, ive cleaned this valve and it’s fine it moves as well
  5. yes if the engines off and you lower its still slow. they hold perfectly if you leave them up with engine off
  6. I’ve cleaned every valve as best as I can and it’s still no better ? there’s plenty of hydraulic oil as per the dipstick near the clutch. Unless it’s somewhere else ?
  7. hello, video is as follows https;//youtu.be/fOZz1Z0rQfA
  8. hello, I have a problem with the 3 pt lift on the tractor. it will go up no problem and will hold an implement fine. When you move the lever to lower the implement the hitch is very slow to descend. Could anyone help with the problem ? the PTO works fine Also the steering is only under power when i have the auxiliary value in the up position to a dead end. Could this be linked ? i have a video just unsure how to unload Thank you for any help
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