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  1. Thanks for your concern,I did read his post about a half dozen times before taking this all in, but as I wrote all is well now, and back together, If the pump gives out at a later time, I will deal with then, It might get 20 hours on it a year. Thanks, JimmyDean
  2. Thanks for your help on this Snoshoe, everything worked as you said ! The system works like new ! The steering 3pt and loader ! Have to thank CITECK, he let my heart know it's working good ! !
  3. Snoshoe, if I take the MCV plug out is there parts that come out with it, such as a spring or valve of some sort ? don't want parts flying around.
  4. Thanks, Will try the MCV first.
  5. Snoshoe, I was honest on this tractor, it worked fine, until I drained the system, only thing I didn't state, was I just purchased it within the last 2 weeks,there was no issues with it,just changed it so I knew what I. had. CIHTECK how do I get to the pump ?
  6. No luck, I took the filter canister off and checked the o-ring,that was ok,put grease on it and put the assembly back together and put grease around the perimeter of the can and the casting. What should I try next ?
  7. Right now my dipstick is above full a little bit, but the system hasn't primed yet.
  8. Thanks! Will check it tomorrow hope that's my issue !
  9. Hello all ! I have a 574 utility gas w/gear drive, hydraulics worked fine but wanted to change the filter and fluid, and now I can't get the hydraulics or steering to work,book said nine gallons and that's what I put back in it, is there a bleeder valve somewhere, I did try blowing air in it, but that didn't help,any help is appreciated !
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