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  1. I know what you are saying. I assumed the pumps and filter were both submerged in oil when in operation. Now it looks like this may not be true. I do not understand what keeps the filter area full of oil. If it is not full it could suck air from there. What keeps it full of oil? Why does all the oil not run out when you take the filter cover off? I am missing something here. sf
  2. I understand what you are saying. I am going to remove the pumps again and recheck the seal on the suction pipe. The pumps look good. I do believe it is an air problem on the suction side. sf
  3. Hello and thanks for the responce. Are you talking about a short tube about 2 or 3 in long between the pumps and the filter? I do not know of another tube. I have had all the hydraulics under the seat apart plus the pumps and filter apart. I do not know of any suction tube other than the one at the pumps. sf
  4. I also have hyd troubles with the steering and also the lift. I think maybe the pumps are not getting an adequate oil supply. I have had the pumps out and changed the filter. The steering is erratic and so is the lift. The tractor is not useable for this reason. It will quit functioning while you are using it. When you take the filter cover off , only some of the oil runs out. Most of it stays in the tractor. In operation what makes the oil flow into the filter area? Could the hyd system have the wrong dipstick. Would adding extra oil help? The dipstick looks like the proper one. Thanks for the help. sf
  5. What kind pf expensive repair, to what? What is a gear doing on the shaft? The shaft does not move unless you depress the left brake pedal
  6. Thank you so much. I drilled and tapped the right end of the shaft and fabricated a puller to get the shaft out but it would not come out. I put an ungodly amount of pressure on it but it would not budge. The oilseal is another thing that puzzled me. There is not one there that I can see. There is absolutely no sign there is oil there . It must be a recessed o-ring on each end. The clutch pedal pivots on the shaft and that is where the wear is. I had a welder build up the shaft with it in place and ground it down until the clutch pedal would go back on. Still no sign of oil.I do not understand why the engineers did such a dumb thing.
  7. 🙁 I do not know what tags mean. I cannot remove the brake shaft because something inside the housing is holding it. I cannot imagine what it might be hooked to inside the housing. I have seen a picture in a parts book that looks like the shaft has a flat area machined on it about middle ways from either end. I can not find any information as to what it does or how to remove the shaft. I have tried to find a factory manual but all i can find are the IT manuals. Somebody please help me with this. Thanks S Falkner
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