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  1. Thanks. Just looked at website. Will reach out and see if they will allows some parts to be removed
  2. Thanks for the advice. I think this is what i will have to do since cannot find part. Appreciate the vote of confidence.
  3. Fawcetts does not have one and is unable to source out a used one would anyone know of a similar part that may work in its place
  4. I located fawcetts and searched website. No luck. Will call when open. Thanks
  5. Not familiar with fawcetts. Would you know any contact info or website. I am located in Ontario. How do i go about sourcing out a breaker in Europe. I appreciate your guidance and expertise i am a new tractor owner and learning by fire.
  6. The speed control lever snapped at the plate where the first spring. Called local dealer and he cannot source out part. Speed control lever part number 3224874R1 any help would be greatly appreciated.
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