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  1. Well, no luck at FP Smith and I really don't want to waste a whole lot of effort on this. Guess I'll JB weld it and then Red Kote. That will keep the rest of the bottom protected from any further deterioration. Thank you all for the help. There will be more questions.
  2. Thanks, I'll do that. I was trying to avoid the JB Weld if I could.
  3. Hello all. I purchased my first tractor last fall and have just started getting into tearing it down and fixing what I can (Oh Boy!). It is a 1945 TD9 and has been seriously abused. Yesterday I pulled off the air cleaner and the oil cup is full of pinholes so won't hold any oil. Does anyone know where I can get a new one or good used? I've done a good faith search of the web and come up with nothing. Thanks.
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