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  1. So finally after harvest was completed we got time to work on this again. We also had to order a new hydraulic pump because it was leaking into distributor. So we got everything installed and running Saturday. Wow do we have oil in the valve train now. I did not pick it up when the machine shop was done so I don't know how much they turned the stud down but it works the way it should now. They stood the repairs and paid for a new gasket set. Now for the final touches and off to auger corn with the old girl. On to the next project.
  2. So we took block back to machine shop. What he does is after he drills it out he turns the stud down on the lathe so the oil will flow around the stud. He told us he has done this on a bunch of these motors. So he is going to pull the stud out and double check to see what is going on. He said he may have to turn stud down a few more thousands so the oil will flow around it. Waiting to hear back.
  3. So I attached pics. You can see where the stud is inserted and how it goes into oil gallery. I could not get a pic of the oil passage in the main but with a light you can see it plain as day. Now off to machine shop to see what they have to say. Wish I would have paid closer during assembly but the thought never entered my mind.
  4. So sorry I haven't had time to respond. I spent the last week getting ready for and having my local community fair on the weekend. But we were looking last week and it dawned on me that when we took the block to the machine shop to get the work done the webbing above the center main support was cracked. Was told by machinist that it was no big deal they would drill it out and install a stud into the block to hold the main cap on. And weld the block up. So I looked and it is possible that they put the stud through the oil passage. We tried sticking a small piece of wire from the cam bearing into that passage. It does not go very far and stops. Next step is to finish pulling motor now the fair is over and get it into a better position to look. If we find that that is it for sure will post some pics to show. Other questions the cam is original and checked out did not get reground or anything else done to it. Thanks for the help. Hopefully by the end of the weekend, I will have the answers I need.
  5. We ordered a new gauge from steiner tractor that was for the tractor. It does not have numbers an it was just past 3/4 on the gauge.
  6. So I just had a thought. We put 15-40 in it for engine oil. Would that be to thin that it would not pump up?
  7. Rest of engine is getting oil. We ran the tractor for about an hour to get warm to check valve and check for leaks. When we pulled valve cover that when we realized there was no oil up top.
  8. Copper tube is clear. Had the complete rocker shaft apart everything looks good there.
  9. So I have a camera. We pulled the cam back out. The holes in cam bearing line up with the block. I checked the port through the head gasket. That is open. I checked center main bearing. Both halves have holes in bearings so we did not put wrong half in before we installed crank. Did all this with motor still in. Crank is still in engine also. Looking like I may have to finish pulling motor and pull crank rest of way out.
  10. So my son and I have overhauled a gas super mta. We got it all back together running like a top. We had a implement dealer who has a machine shop do all the machine work including going through oil pump. The problem is we cannot get any oil out of the rocker shaft. Everything else has oil we put a new gauge on it. We have a ton of pressure according to gauge. We tore it back apart to check bearings to make sure they were installed properly. We are stumped. The oil passages are all open. The shaft is clean. Just looking for suggestions. Thanks
  11. Maybe not. But tried search for it and didn't have any luck.
  12. So about 18 months ago I got a heck of a deal on this 63 806 diesel. It had small cab and wide front end. Took both off because it wasn't going to work for what I was going to use it for. Over the winter the fuel filters starting leaking terribly so I did some research and could not find any posts about converting this to spin on fuel filters. So now that it is complete I am going to share so if someone else wants to they can do it. So it started with finding a donor first. I went to Franzen Family Tractor parts in eastern Iowa and they had a 856 that they were parting out. I got the assembly off that tractor and took it home and compared. After removing the old filter canisters I figured out it would not be to bad. So instead of using the 2 studs that held it in place I used bolts. I could not find studs long enough. I reused some of the old fittings and put on new hoses instead of the steel lines. Bleeds like a dream. Fired right up. Included pics to help.
  13. I'm on the left. 2010 in Afghanistan. Member of Iowa National Guard for 25 years. Deployed to Afghanistan twice.
  14. First time posting but been reading forum for over 2 years. I know everyone knows alot about the older but what about the new? We have a 315 that this spring during planting we had to replace the fan clutch. Had 20 acres of corn left so we didn't notice anything. Now we are using it this fall and the fan sounds like a airplane all the time it nevers slows down. We have called several dealers in the area and nobody seems to have a clue whether they need to come out and tell computer we need a put in a new clutch or if the new clutch is just bad. We called a friend who has a 340 and when the engine is not running his fan clutch will spin by hand. Ours will not, it is locked solid. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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