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  1. what would be a good source for the parts i need? i am in Memphis, tn. not really wanting to remove the final drive to replace the disc, what would be the downside of not replacing the disc as i am just using this machine on my own property and it will not get that many hours on it. thanks for all the input so far.
  2. based on the pictures do i need to replace the brake disc? should i reline both sides?
  3. Ok, I have it apart and am surprised at what I found. on the right side (the direction it wont turn) brake and clutch pads are all in place and look good. on the left side (the side that i didn't think was the issue) the brake pad has come off the eccentric and the brake disc is scored.but the clutch pads are good. am i missing something ? please see the pictures below. thanks in advance for any helpful information
  4. g_man thanks for the link to the fantastic video, that gives me a lot of insight into what i will need!
  5. Thanks all yes, I adjusted the foot pedal so that it contacted the firewall prior to setting the adjustments at the sprockets and then adjusted the foot pedal until i had 1" clearance from the firewall and i still have no brakes. i guess the only thing left to do is remove the rear frame cover and hope for the best
  6. Thanks Jim, at one point i did see the brake pedal jump up and down when trying to make a right turn. not sure that it makes a difference but the jam nuts on my machine are 1 7/6". i adjusted both sides as you describe but still no brakes and no right turn.
  7. Great pictures, again, thanks for the information
  8. thanks Kevin for the information and pictures i have a shop manual on the way that i am sure i will need in the future i did the external jam nut/adjusting screw procedure and nothing changed. (additional information that may help is that before i bought the machine i checked it out on an open lot and it turned right and left on a dime but it did not have any brakes at all). after the jam nut/adjuster screw procedure i ran the machine down a slight hill and discovered that with both levers in the mid position the machine will roll and if i pull the left lever fully back the left trac
  9. Hello everyone, new to the forum and seeking some sage wisdom. I have searched the forums and haven't really seen anything that covers what i am experiencing . Just purchased a 1974 TD7E and I am having issues with turning right and no brakes. It is the large transmission with the short drive shaft, the issue with turning is that it will not turn to the right. if i let the engine go to an idle with the right lever pulled all the way back it will turn right for a short time and then it will stop turning to the right as power is increased. and then sometimes it will gently turn to the
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