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  1. There is a product called Houdini that is magical on brass locks. Frees up any stuck padlock or key and tumbler mechanism. Might be the ticket for you, or as stated before, it may need a good rebuild with new bushings. Let us know what you come up with.
  2. Very true! Like I've said before, as a small kid I use to jump up and down on the meadow to see if the waves would form. Never did work! 🤣 Dad just shook his head and put me back on the tractor. I miss those simple days......
  3. "Oh, ****!" is the most often one used......🤣
  4. I can only imagine that problem. What a nightmare.
  5. Neighbor to the south claims they pushed 80' of sucker rod down a wet spot by hand then gave up. Never hit anything solid enough they couldn't push it down with the two of them. Maybe true..... In the 80's we traded H's and Super H's for 484's for our mowing tractors. Paint is gone from the fenders. One hand on the wheel and one on the fender so you could bail off if the front end went down.
  6. Definitely in a drought on my end of the Sandhills. These meadows are fed from the water table. You might have 300 acres of good bottom land fed from the water table surrounded by 5,000 acres of grassland that is burning up from lack of rainfall.
  7. In some places you can actually see "waves" of sod rolling along beside you. These sub-irrigated meadows produce amazing hay but can make a guy pretty nervous. I've never seen a tractor break through, but the old timers sure keep the stories going. Grandpa "lost" a Farmall B years before my time. The narrow front broke through and the ensuing water gushing out flooded the area and got the tractor stuck up to the platform. The ruts were gone by the next year and completely healed over.
  8. This beast should be able to stay on top, Jeff @sandhiller. But if it does goes through, good luck getting her out! The days of the Farmall C and a double bar Kosch are almost gone......
  9. Same here. Wet behind the ears parts counter kid at the local IH dealer. Customer comes in and buys a new block heater. Two days later he's back, steaming at the collar because he bent the heating element putting it in and it went open circuit. Mad at me because he broke it and IH wouldn't replace it for free. Also got pissed because IH wouldn't buy him new antifreeze that he bled out onto the ground when he pulled the bad one out. Guys like him are the reason old parts guys are grouchy!
  10. Up until the 70's, the stacks were built in long piles with horse drawn overshot or slide stackers. Then fences were put around the stacks until they were fed out. Stack yards moved every year depending on where the stacks were built. After the stack mover was invented, they were moved to permanent stack yards and fed out over the next few years. Alfalfa kept good for two years, meadow and upland hay for 3-4 years. Anything left after that was used to bed roads in the winter or dress blowouts in the spring. Not my video, but this is how the ranch did it 50 years ago.
  11. We put up loose stacks until 1995. 9' Kosch mowers, 24' Rowse dump rake, reverse sweep, and loaders with push offs. I left for the Army in summer of 95'. A baler showed up the next summer....! 🤣
  12. The local Home Depot has 2x4 8' on sale at $5.85. Had ten bunks on the ground and all looked straight and good. Maybe the market is breaking?
  13. "The . 50 caliber M2 machine gun was designed in 1918, near the end of World War I by John Browning. Production began in 1921 and the weapon was designed so a single receiver could be turned into seven different variants by adding jackets, barrels or other components." The M2 was a game changer. Very few platforms could single-handedly change the tone of the battlefield (other than a pair of A-10's), but the rhythmic sound of this beast was one of them. Happy Birthday, Ma!
  14. Tape off the end of a paper towel roll and fill with FFF black powder (it will hold almost a pound), insert a long piece of cannon fuse (both bought at local Cabela's or other outdoor store), place it in the hole, light the fuse and get away. Note: it's best to test the speed of your fuse without the powder so you can calculate how much you need based upon your personal ground speed!
  15. Lots of badgers around here but none on the hay meadows. It's all sub-irrigated and too wet for badgers, gophers, ground squirrels, etc. Did have some otters decades ago that built slides down the bank to the lake. When those dried up they turned into tractor wrecking monsters. Grandpa lost the front end out of an H on one.
  16. Fair amount of time around Fawn Lake. Not much North of there though and nothing East of 61.
  17. You must be in that Fawn Lake region. Or is that too far West of you, Jeff?
  18. Bring on the steak! ?
  19. Then the wind hit. Trees down everywhere, garden sheds missing, roofs are torn off, even blew over a coal train. Not sure if it was tornado or micro bursts but sure did a lot of damage.
  20. Wheat is looking a little rough this morning.
  21. The pucker factor has sure risen. We started out the year with pretty good moisture. Would sure take some more rain but don't need the "great white combine" in front of it!
  22. I suppose it could have been worse. The rain with it was needed.
  23. Mother nature decided to give us a little moisture tonight. Too bad it was in the frozen form.
  24. What the **** is an old paratrooper gonna do with a rocket ship??? ?
  25. Thanks for fact checking this. I stand corrected. At least they aren't made over seas (yet still close) and have a life time warranty. Quick internet search found this. "Typically between 1-3% of the raw material to make wood pellets is made up of a binder when making wood pellets."
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