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  1. I don't think you can go wrong by locking in profits that are above your input costs. Will it be higher in November? Wish I had that crystal ball.
  2. Ace, we have you in our prayers, Gods blessings to you and your family.
  3. Looks good! Time to fence it off and get 7 goats, or a cow, or a horse...... 🤣
  4. Of course this story is satire as it simply reflects the idea of socialism and how it affects our country. Our country is the "high school" and the grades are the "effort put in by the populous". Good luck, America
  5. I pray for her recovery along with her husband's. Covid can be nasty for some people and their family.
  6. Last month, our local high school implemented a new grading system that gave all students, across the board, a “C” grade average in every class regardless of the work they put in. This was done to help those with less school work ethic become “C” grade students and academically compete with their peers. The school board thought this was fair because all students are the same. Immediately after the announcement, every one of the “A” students left campus and enrolled in a different high school that based their grades on work ethic, study habits, and overall potential. The “B” student
  7. @timothy nolt Thank you for posting your findings. Too many do not do this.
  8. @Jesse Browning that's a pretty sweet build. Keep the pics coming!
  9. Thank you for reporting your findings. Too many times the forum never hears what the problem and solution was.
  10. Found this on TractorData Model years versus calendar years Tractors, just like automobiles, are manufactured on a model or production year. The new production year usually starts around September. A tractor built in October of 1955 would have been considered a "1956" model. Serial number lists almost always show the production year, not the actual calendar year the tractor was built. This information is generally more useful, because major changes would have been made to a model at the start of the production year, not on January 1. I was always told our 886 was a 1980, but serial
  11. Spent a few years pulling double. Sugar beet re-haul was a good second income for my family. 99,000 in CO, 109,500 in NE, and 120,000 in WY.
  12. My "Spring Pic" isn't as good as yours, Bill. Here's the ole 886 banking a tank last week.
  13. Their short-line product was good enough to be bought up by a major player, so I'm guessing a lot.
  14. Made "famous" (?) by the Ecolo-Tiger. Sold a pile of them in the early 2000's at the CNH dealer I worked for. Still see them everywhere around here. Blue paint was an eye catcher.
  15. Frank, welcome to the forum! Pin is part number 108505C1. Still available from CNH but kind of spendy. Like Cummins1486 said, maybe better to check the salvage yard or scour the ole interweb. Pic below is of an 806. Pin #4 goes through drawbar and into support #1, illustrated by red line. It is held in place by #5 washer that is offset from #4 pin and held by a bolt and lock washer that thread into the #1 support.
  16. We have pretty flat, light sandy ground here. Bought a 316 spinner plow 35 years ago(maybe it was 416). 656 wouldn't pull it, 886 was just shy on power. Needed our "big" 856 to pull it. Don't remember adding any weight to the front but that was years ago.
  17. D-358 engine parts book says 886 chassis s/n 14472 and above. Not sure why yours has the D-360.
  18. KTA. I think what snoshoe means is to test your remotes however you can. Use the remotes to lift your implement. If they work, then "dead head" the valve (hold lever raising the implement in the lift position until it whines) while trying to lift the three point. If the three point works while doing that the problem is not the cylinder but with the priority valve.
  19. Praying for him, his family, and you. Not easy to hear, but God has a plan. Have faith in it.
  20. Looks good! I may break down and fix the AC on my 886 one of these days.
  21. The data center on my 886 use to do some funny stuff like that too. I pulled it out and blew out the harness and back side of the data center with compressed air, then put dielectric grease on the connections and reinstalled. Knock on wood, that seems to have fixed it. Worked fine ever since.
  22. Tom, I picked up an old 886 from my folks last spring. Cab was in the same shape as yours, only worse. Mouse nests were packed to the top of the housings on both sides of the seat. Nothing left for cab interior but mouse nest and droppings. Stripped it down to bare metal and my oldest daughter who was home on a 10 day leave from the USMC masked off and painted the whole inside of the cab gloss black and 2150 red. Then we put in a new cab kit and later a floor mat from www.triplertractors.com @88seriesrestorer. Tore down the dash and cleaned it up, replaced the rubber knobs, got most
  23. Farther, or more often in the middle of the night? I might win one of those titles! 🤣
  24. How come there is no grease zerk on the stay ball? Or, has my tractor not been greased in 42 years? 🤪
  25. Picture of the steering cylinder and bushing (#2)533283R1. Trunnion fits into this so hopefully all is well and it didn't wear into the cylinder housing.
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