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  1. Glad you got it fixed. My 886 does this all the time and it's to the point a repair needs to be made. Tired of reaching in with a pry-bar to pop it out of high range.
  2. Sung to the tune of a classic kids song. "The femur bone is connected to the stay wire. The stay wire is connected to the box corner." Good ole' Nebraska! 🤣🤣
  3. The current situation is bad. You can vote your way into socialism but you have to shoot your way out of if.
  4. The control of the masses has already begun. 30 years from now the puppet leaders will tell you how to get dressed in the morning. Put the wrong pants leg on first and you will receive "government retraining" on how to be a good puppet. This stuff is real and it's scary. Our youth are being indoctrinated. They all wear masks because an "authority figure" said they should. Doesn't matter if it makes a difference or not, they all do as they're told. Until we can break the "puppet philosophy", America is headed down a deep hole.
  5. Oh no, we need the moisture. Let it snow until June.
  6. My neighbors would just sit back in their lawn chairs, eating popcorn, placing bets on how long I could hang on...... 🤣
  7. The old Ranch Girl! Never met an 856 I didn't like.
  8. Not a "Sweetheart grip", but some pics of the scrimshaw grips on one of my 1911's.
  9. Not much of a photographer, but here you go.
  10. Prayers for the young lady. What a tough battle for her family.
  11. One other thing to consider on these real old units is that some used propane as a refrigerant. The US got away from it for a lot of years but it's making a come back in current reach in units. It is labeled as R-290. They don't use Ethanethiol (ethyl mercaptan) as an oderant so you never know if you have a refrigerant leak. I do believe US equipment from the 50's had already moved on to R-12.
  12. This is my Grandfather's 1911 from WWII. He was shot down twice and lost his co-pilot both times. The clear grip panel is from the windscreen of a Messerschmidt ME-109 that he fought over Europe. After the battle, mechanics from the Army Air Corps cut out the windscreen and made the grip panel. Best part is, years latter his daughter (my Mother), married a German by the name of Messersmith. I always wondered how that first introduction went down! Little bit of tension in the parlor? 🤣
  13. Grew up on a small registered Hereford ranch in the Nebraska sandhills. Small tractors and small hay machinery. Also raised Arabian horses. Joined the Army as a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division and did a total of 8 years. Worked as a welder, a CNH counter parts guy, and a rancher. Been doing heating, cooling, and refrigeration for 10 years now. Wife and I have a little 40 acre spot in the sandhills and are the proud owners of a beat up 886 (with german diesel ;o) a windmill, and some cheat grass. Looking forward to getting hired on at Doolittle and Sitmore in about 20 years.
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