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  1. Awesome! Guess I'll just leave it there and call it extra ballast.... 🤣 Thank you, Mike!
  2. What kind of Delta P should I expect from this system if all is clear? Pump through hoses, core, and back?
  3. Gotcha. But this is on the RH panel and the radio is on the LH panel on my 86. I do remember a radio swap years ago that got a factory AM/FM 8-track put in place of the original AM only head. Thanks for the help, Mike!
  4. Thank you. I glanced at that area, cab light housing is missing so its easy to see the hoses. They appear intact but they are awful soft and definitely deteriorating. Very spongy hoses from block to hard steel lines.
  5. That is one of my concerns. Can I disconnect at the valves and "flush/fill" the system then reconnect it?
  6. While checking out the no heat situation in my 886, I pulled out the RH control panel in the upper cab. I noticed that this wire was disconnect. It is brown and ties into a factory harness. I don't believe this has any thing to do with the no heat situation but thought I better ask. Where does this conductor land?
  7. The 886 has no heat in the cab. Both valves seem to be open along with the thermostat in the cab. Both the coolant filter and the engine oil cooler seem to be fed from the same points as the cab heater and are very hot. Good friend suggested an air lock or that I needed more engine RPM to circulate the hot water. His experience with 86 series cabs was that they needed a good RPM to circulate the hot coolant. I did warm the tractor up to operating temps but checked the heater at an idle. Thoughts?
  8. For sale ads are not allowed on this site for very good reasons. Something we all agreed to in our "agreement" upon joining this site. I'm willing to bet the Admin will take it down. But none the less, pretty cool machine!
  9. 2017 Solar Eclipse in Nebraska Sandhills
  10. On a 2 wheel drive with a loader the heavy load on the bucket pivots on the front axle and takes weight (or traction) from the rear axle. Fluid in rear tires adds weight to the back end and helps with traction. Not as much of a concern on a MFD type tractor as the loaded weight in the bucket helps with traction on the front end. On the other hand, none of our small hay tractors had any sort of added weight to them. Our meadows were so close to ground water that you could see ripples ahead of the tractor like waves on a lake. On those tractors they needed to be light, and easy to jump from
  11. Last years Nebraska tags. Pretty average animals. Not many monsters out here.
  12. BS! Cart driver gotta be aware of their surroundings 🤣 Or so I'm told.....
  13. Dove season in Nebraska. The Good Life!
  14. I've got a Samsung 7V or something like that and it is very large with the Otter Box on it. Still fits in the Klein holder. You must have a mini-laptop for a phone! ? 🤣
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