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  1. I'm having issues with the hydraulics related to the lift arms on a '69 IH 434. It had a hydraulic leak around the Fast/Slow valve, which I hope has been repaired. Last time I used the tractor is work great bush hogging without issues. It was parked afterwards and nothing else done with it. The hydraulic fluid level has been checked. When I go to lift the arms, the engine boggs down slightly and the return line flexes. Not sure whats going on exactly, I've looked things over and don't see any obvious issues. This is my first exposure to a 434. I grew up around the 806 and 1086 models, but nothing this size. Any help of suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in adavance!
  2. I have a '69 IH 434 that is needing some TLC. It has a few issues, but overall still runs.
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