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  1. '62 IH 404 I'm seeing leakage around the front crank seal which I noticed while putting a new belt on the pulley. I can't tell how bad at the moment as it looked like it had been there for some time caked with dirt and such. I'm guessing I'll have to replace that and maybe the oil pan gasket too. I have never done this before: 1. Estimate on time for changing front crank seal? 2. Any special tools or process required to get old seal out and new one in? 3. Anything special to know about getting the front pulley off (or other parts there) without damage? 4. Do I have to take the radiator off in order to do this? It looks like it but I'd love to save the time of draining and removing the radiator. Thanks!
  2. Thanks guys. I got it back in the garage yesterday for a new belt and some carb adjustment. I'll checkout the PTO control handle and see if that helps.
  3. Ok. Any thoughts then on the grinding gears situation? Did your 404 also grind until it got good and warm?
  4. I have a 1962 IH 404 that I'm having some issues with. I've noticed that when the tractor first starts and until it runs for about 30 minutes or so, the pto shaft continues to spin even though it is disengaged. If I grab the pto shaft, it's not engaged and will stop spinning. If I engage the pto, it works correctly. Now, after the tractor runs for awhile and gets warm, this problem goes away. I'm wondering if this is an adjustment issue and if so, what needs to be adjusted? Since this tractor doesn't have live pto, I feel like this is connected to other problem I have which is that until the tractor gets hot after working for awhile, it's always grinding gears. I mean I can depress the clutch and wait 10 seconds for spin down and it will still grind going into any gear from a dead stop. If I feather the shift lever towards the gear I want, I can feel the gears still turning and then start to slow down with the pressure I'm applying from the shifter. If the tractor gets good and hot, this goes away and I can shift without issue. Since I have noticed that both the gear grinding and pto issues seem to go away when the tractor gets warm, I'm trying to figure out if there's a clutch issue or what. I just purchased this tractor and am new to tractor mechanics so I need some advice on what to adjust.
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