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  1. Being gone that long you better check to make sure everything is still there. Chainsaws tend to disappear quickly if not monitored
  2. I got an se2020 about a month ago. It replaced a 6s. So far it seems exactly the same as my 6s was. Even my old case fit except I had to cut around the camera area. The new Se works fine. The home button is a little funky but other than that I have no complaints. We’ll see how long it lasts though.
  3. Hi, should I be able to see coolant flowing when I look in the radiator on my 684? When I look in there there’s just some ripples from vibration but that’s it, even when up to temp. Tractor runs fine and doesn’t overheat. My other tractors (older) you can see the coolant flowing. Thanks.
  4. Here’s my hay cutting unit. JD no. 5 on a 1951 B.
  5. I actually just bought a 24t last week, not used in 15-20 years but was barn stored so hoping I can get that one up and running too
  6. Everything worked pretty good! 14t is hidden behind tractor.
  7. Thanks Nyjim. I did the change with the loader off but I’ll remember that for next time!
  8. Thanks all. I will go ahead with the change with the loader off and fill to the full mark on the stick.
  9. Hi all, first time posting here. Recently bought an IH 684 (my first IH tractor) and I’m going through fluid changes and fixing a few things up. I have a question about a hydraulic fluid change: tractor has a Westendorf loader that I have off right now. I’m assuming I should do the fluid change with the loader back on and the cylinders closed to try to get the most of the old fluid out? Anybody have an idea if the fluid in the loader cylinders and hoses amounts to much, or if the fluid change will still be roughly the same capacity as the book says, which is 9.5 gallons I think. I bought ten g
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