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  1. Frank. Be better than that. I really hope I’m somehow misinterpreting your comment.
  2. Go to your County’s website. They will almost always have some sort of “county land explorer” or “GIS Maps” or “Parcel Viewer” section. These are great tools similar to google earth except they will have land parcels included. They generally have very up to date imagery (most times only a year old) and the resolution is quite good. Some counties even have a function available that shows imagery that looks like it was taken from an airplane (it wasn’t of course, but the imagery looks like it’s from about 500 feet in the air) and you can rotate around and look at your property from different angles. It’s amazing...but the name of the function is escaping me right now (I think it’s only available on desktop computers, not from your phone). Not all counties have it and some you have to have a special account to access it.
  3. My 684 has adjustable arms...they are set all the way in and I’ve never moved them but it appears they have at least a two different length settings.
  4. Single chainsaw guy here, husky 455. Northeast MN, home heated entirely with wood. It’s not the size of the saw, it’s how you swing it 😉
  5. A couple years a local logger (one that still uses chainsaws) got into the holzfformas. They said they could buy like 3 for the price of an equivalent husky. They were just testing them out at the time they did my sale, but I still see them in the back of their truck so they are either buying more as they break, or they are lasting!
  6. Ask one of the air medical services to fly a medical chopper in. Set up an LZ and they can come land and then take off after a while. The services around here have been happy to do that in the past and even let spectators come look around the chopper and talk to the crew. Maybe in conjunction with a vehicle extrication demo?
  7. It took you two blocks to catch up to a guy carrying a stereo and dragging speakers behind? 😂😂 All in good fun my guy
  8. Unfortunately this isn’t a correct statement. In many, if not most cases, mental illness cannot just be “dealt with by toughening up”. Mental illness is just same as a physical illness. You don’t tell someone with cancer or rheumatoid arthritis to simply buck up buttercup, and it will go away. People just cannot control it easily if at all. Edit: I screwed up the quote I guess. I tried to quote “Mental illness is a state of mind, it’s up to the person how to deal with it”
  9. Around here the packer is probably $1200-1400, and the 3 pt plow $500-800. Nice find.
  10. I think I would like to see the outside of that building. Also, nice rops on the 684!
  11. If you are thinking you may have a failure on your hands, or even a poor stand, you might think about intersseeding a cool season grass like orchard grass or perennial ryegrass or whatever may be adapted to your soils there. Many counties around me have no-till drills available to rent, maybe yours does too. Don’t try to interseed more alfalfa, it has auto toxicity and won’t take. But you can still salvage a decent mixed stand with minimal time and expense that way without having to completely start over. Regardless I agree with pulling a soil test if you haven’t already and seeing where you are with P and K and pH
  12. He’s a hero for getting his daughter out safely while was in that condition. I hope he recovers quickly. Thoughts and prayers to your family.
  13. Just curious as to why you prefer the gas? Our department may be looking to switch to battery in the next few years and I’m interested in your perspective. Thanks
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