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  1. I have SS quick attach on my 684 with a westendorf wl-21. It was on there when I bought the tractor but the guy said he paid about 900 bucks for it. I absolutely love it. All I have right now is a bucket and a double tine bale spear, but I’m working on adapting a snowplow to a QA plate so I will have that for next winter.
  2. That is really great. Love the smile. Amazing what our pets can do for us. Good job.
  3. A couple months ago I installed a Kate’s tank heater on my 684. Did basically what jimb2 says above except I ran the heater hose from the outlet of the tank heater up over the top of the engine, rather than around the front. I tied into the upward facing pipe plug in #23 in jimb2’s diagram. I wondered how it would work because the instructions said not to exceed 12-18” of hose on the outlet side and mine is more like 30” or more. But it seems to work fine. The I squeezed the tank heater in between the front of the injection pump and my loader bracket. Tight squeeze but it works. Mine is the 15
  4. You guys were right, throw out bearing went bad. Clutch and throw out bearing, pilot bearing, pto gear and rear seal are now replaced. Cost about $1300. Thanks again.
  5. Jimb2, after I bought this tractor and was doing some cleaning and maintenance, I noticed the clutch return spring was broken so I replaced it, but good to know that is a potential cause of the problem. Thank you.
  6. Thank you! I will take a look under the cover and see if there’s one there
  7. Thanks Jimb2, that is super helpful. I will take a look right away. Yes the tractor has a loader but it is a westendorf wl21 so its no trouble. I will take your advice and jump on this right away. I’ve left a message for the mechanic with any luck he will want to tackle this and it can get done in a timely manner. Thanks so much for the information!
  8. Thanks guys and I appreciate the responses. Also thanks for the clarification on the terminology. There is a mechanic fairly close by who does quite a bit of work on IH tractors. I will give him a call and see if he wants to dig into it.
  9. Hi folks, I’ve got a 1984 IH 684 that I bought last spring. I have put about 30 hours on it since I bought it and it has been working fine. I really like it. About a week ago I started noticing a squeak noise when I depress clutch, now it has transitioned to more of a howl rather than a squeak. It doesn’t happen every time that I depress clutch, but most times it does. The tractor still operates fine otherwise. I replaced all fluids and filters after purchasing tractor. I use the tractor for feeding hay, plowing snow, skidding logs for firewood, haying and so on. I am wondering if anyone
  10. Fasttommy


    Love the 99f, super nice. My dad has one, his is in .300 sav. I use a 99e in .308 and also have a 99h in 30-30.
  11. Being gone that long you better check to make sure everything is still there. Chainsaws tend to disappear quickly if not monitored
  12. I got an se2020 about a month ago. It replaced a 6s. So far it seems exactly the same as my 6s was. Even my old case fit except I had to cut around the camera area. The new Se works fine. The home button is a little funky but other than that I have no complaints. We’ll see how long it lasts though.
  13. Hi, should I be able to see coolant flowing when I look in the radiator on my 684? When I look in there there’s just some ripples from vibration but that’s it, even when up to temp. Tractor runs fine and doesn’t overheat. My other tractors (older) you can see the coolant flowing. Thanks.
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