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  1. Here is the complete story on my CC 782.... http://rvbprecision.com/machine-tools-welding/international-harvester-cub-cadet-782-garden-tractor-renovation.html
  2. I just wrote an article on my IH Cub Cadet 782 renovation I completed a few weeks ago. Hope you enjoy it! http://rvbprecision.com/machine-tools-welding/international-harvester-cub-cadet-782-garden-tractor-renovation.html
  3. Thank You! I think sitting in a A10- Wart-Hog last year at the EAA Fly-In at Oshkosh got to me!
  4. Yes, It has a blade that I just refinished. It is a great plow tractor. Pushed 5 yards of topsoil around my property last week.....But it could use more weight in the rear. I bought the adapter to fill the rear tires with potable antifreeze or windshield washer fluid. Will fill front tires too as it gets a little "front light" when relocating a heavy trailer around the yard.
  5. I finished installing and connecting the Oil Pressure gauge in my CC 782. Oil Pressure, Oil Temperature and Battery Voltage. Did a quick video showing the entire electrical system. https://youtu.be/rpEiRWzqD0o
  6. BTW...If you need a new ignition switch....I have a brand new one for sale......?
  7. First place to look is 12V to ignition coil with key on. These ignition switches are junk. I just bought a 782 and it started fine to buy it. Got it home and it wouldn't start. Checked voltage at ignition key switch...nothing. Ordered new ignition switch...Nothing....Broken wire from key switch to coil.....I converted it to "Ignition on-Push button to start.....See this video...https://youtu.be/w-muG225rV0
  8. Thanks! I'll spend some time checking all these things out.
  9. There is slop....Not sure what "A lot" would be. There is enough that I would want to take this thing on the Highway at 60 mph!?
  10. https://youtu.be/w-muG225rV0 great tractor! cant wait to put it to work
  11. Move trailers around my property. pull a york rake in the horse paddock and push snow and gravel.
  12. just need to fabricate new diamond plate foot pads and it will be 100% done
  13. Its a reat TANK.....Amazing power from 17HP Kohler engine. I welded up that hitch receiver in the pictures a few days ago. I deleted all wiring and built a complete wiring harness. No ignition switch...Flip on the toggle next to the start button to energize the coil, then hit the START button....The other switches are Lights, Regulator and Gauges.....Now on to the engine swap for the John Deere!
  14. BTW....My two week project is just about finished.....Just waiting for decals...
  15. I'm going to make an adapter for the oil drain and read the actual temperature of the oil.....Stay tuned!
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